Is that really a man falling from the sky? Netizens to figure out

Redditors had a quite a time decoding this mysterious picture.

By: Trends Desk | Kolkata | Updated: November 15, 2016 8:45:13 pm
man falling from sky, bizarre photo, nyc man falling from sky, viral photos, viral news, trending news, world news, latest news, indian express The creepy images have intrigued Netizens to decode the mystery. (Source: foxesjon/ Reddit)

Netizens have a fetish for bizarre photos and one of their favourite pass-times is speculating the various theories that led to the picture, and let’s not even get started on the countless Photoshop battles. The latest in the long line of spotting mysterious people in the background of viral photos this year (there was an angel in the sky, a ghost in a window, among many others), is one of a human-like figure falling from the sky in New York.

The picture of a New York Street, with the magnificent Empire State Building on the left, has been making rounds on social media platforms because of this upside-down human figure on the top right corner. Eerie, right? If one looks closely s/he will notice the blurry, human-like figure appearing as it is falling from the sky.

The mind-boggling picture was posted on Reddit a while back and people have been trying to explain the spooky photo ever since. While most thought it was hoax, many tried to explain how it was nothing but a reflection of the road signs.

Explaining that it is a mere lens flare, one user even uploaded diagrams to support his logic. “My best guess is a reflection somewhere, perhaps in the lens, from a crossing sign (possibly the over bright one at street level). The angle of the lens compared to the sign may well, on a curved lens, have simply put the shadow image way higher than expected (and inverted it),” the user wrote. It seems many people believe in his logic and voted his answer to the top.

Another person said, “Those stars look exactly like orions belt. They must be stars.” However, many answered, that with such low light and high pollution in the urban skies it was quite impossible to capture the moon sometimes, forget the orion belt!

man-falling-from-sky The user wrote: Is it me or is there a figure falling in this picture?!

And among many bizarre comments one use said, “Or the falling man from 9/11” and what the reply to this was just perfect: “Man that dude is still falling?”

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