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KFC served fried rat? Picture goes viral on Facebook, company denies charges

Picture of alleged fried rat goes viral on Facebook but KFC has denied that it served the same

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 18, 2015 12:48 pm
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No fast food seems to be safe these days. First it was the ban on Maggi, then reports came that Haldirams had the maximum rejections from the US FDA in the list of import rejects. The US FDA had put out a list of top rejected imports in February 2015, which you can see here.

Now it appears that KFC has served a fried rat to a consumer in Watts, California, United States. According to two pictures shared in a Facebook by Devorise Dixon , the US fast food giant served him what looks like a deep-fried rat. While in the photos, the ‘rat’ is still coating with the KFC topping, what looks like a distinct tail can be seen, which has sparked this furore.

Check out Dixon’s post below. (App users click here for the post)

Needless to say the post has gone viral on Facebook with over 107,000 shares on the social media site alone. Dixon writes in his post that he had gone back and spoken to the KFC manager who admitted that it was rat. He added that he is contemplating a lawsuit.

However KFC has denied that it served the customer a fried rat. KFC wrote on their Facebook page in a reply to a comment which shared the photos, “KFC takes customer claims very seriously, and we are continuing to investigate this matter. Our chicken tenders often vary in size and shape, and we currently have no evidence to support this claim. We are aggressively trying to reach Mr. Dixon, and we request that he return to the restaurant with the product for testing, or call us at 1-800-Call-KFC.”

KFC added in another comment to a user that they have been trying to get in touch with the customer and said that Dixon is not cooperating.

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KFC wrote, “KFC has made various attempts to contact this customer, but he is refusing to talk to us directly or through an attorney. Our chicken tenders often vary in size and shape, and we currently have no evidence to support this allegation. We have extended the opportunity to have an independent lab evaluate the product at our own expense, but the customer refuses to provide the product in question.” 

Later in a press release, KFC also clarified that the image (in the Facebook post) is from the US and that it is unrelated to KFC in India.

Dixon has not yet filed a lawsuit and given that he not yet gotten back to KFC to lodge an official complaint, it has raised questions on whether this is a fake or a real picture. However his social media post has gone viral and for now KFC is battling an online storm.

KFC has again issued a statement saying the customer is not cooperating in the investigation. They have released another picture backing their claim that the meat was that of a chicken.

“A customer has made a serious claim against KFC in the US and refuses to cooperate in the investigation.  The images the customer originally posted do not include this second angle because it clearly shows it’s a piece of hand-breaded white meat chicken.  Based on this, and the fact that he refuses to allow anyone to see the product, KFC US is left to believe that he intended to deceive the public with this hoax and are considering all options.”

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  1. Johnnie Trucker
    Jun 17, 2015 at 4:27 pm
    I use to work for a food service company that supplied KFC with the supplies they needed for their stores, I have also delivered chicken to them stores though out NYC Brooklyn and a few in Ct. I cant tell you how many times I seen mice or small rats running out of the KFC Coolers and the buckets the chicken use to be in. Also the SMELL when you opened the cooler doors would take your breath away it was so bad. These mice/rats use to crawl right into the buckets in the coolers so when I saw this story I can see it happening. To this day I will NEVER EAT KFC Chicken and it has been years. The only thing safe to eat at KFC is the extra crispy chicken because they dont make this in the store it comes in FROZEN from then it was TYSON FOODS. The Regular crispy KFC chicken is made in house and if you seen how it was made you wouldnt eat it either never mind the MICE/RATS running around in the Fresh Chicken Buckets in the coolers. Totally GROSS, KFC really needs to look into their stores starting with the Brooklyn Store under the Viaduct that was the worst.
    1. Mohammad Bin Tughlaq
      Jun 17, 2015 at 2:16 pm
      I have one doubt. How is it in KFC? Do the chicken goes up the ramp, get dressed and then goes to the batter pool and jump into it and then swim and climb up and then walk to the boiling oil and take a bath in it and climb to the ladle with s and get the excess oil out and then wait for the waiter come and take him to the customer and as soon as a waiter coming in his direction jump into a plate and wait for the waiter to carry him to his final destination. Does no human being look at the chicken all through the process?
      1. d
        Jun 17, 2015 at 7:51 pm
        A typical case of corruption, the government health inspectors go to collect their 'hafta' and are happy. This kind of thing will be happening at all eating establishments. Shame on those who own the franchise for not keeping their premises clean. A wake up call for the government to act.
        1. J
          Jun 17, 2015 at 1:27 pm
          Where is the skull if this was a rat?
          1. A
            Jun 19, 2015 at 12:52 pm
            OMG! Homemade chicken; best chicken...! Indian govt. should conducts strict RAID's on every KFC shop...!
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