What’s the Point of a Gaming Laptop? It’s Stupid Technology Now

External factors are piling up in a way where it makes no sense for an average consumer to purchase a laptop for gaming any more

Written by Mihir Patkar | Updated: March 27, 2016 10:20 am
External factors are piling up in a way where it makes no sense for an average consumer to purchase a laptop for gaming any more (Source: Dell) External factors are piling up in a way where it makes no sense for an average consumer to purchase a laptop for gaming any more (Source: Dell)

The nature of technology is such that new innovations often make existing gadgets redundant or unnecessary. For instance, the smartphone has crushed the GPS market and is slowly making point-and-shoot cameras outdated. It’s not the point-and-shoot camera’s fault. It’s just the cycle of technology.

Gaming laptops seem to face the same situation now. External factors are piling up in a way where it makes no sense for an average consumer to purchase a laptop for gaming any more. Between cheaper ultrabooks, a focus on video game consoles, and the rise of mobile gaming, the gaming laptop is obsolete tech.

Laptop Gaming Is Ignored

Video game developers don’t invest as much time, attention, and energy into PC gaming any more. Instead, they focus on the two big video game consoles: Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox. When a new game is on its way, chances are that it will either be released on consoles before the PC version is out; or it might not have a PC version at all.

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Even when the PC version does come out, far too often it is plagued by bugs and requires a patch or two to get it working right—and again, those aren’t priorities for the game developers since they would rather address issues with the consoles first.

Laptop Gaming Is Uneconomical

Typically, a gaming laptop costs quite a bit—much more than good notebooks. For example, the Asus GL552JX retails at about Rs. 80,000. You could buy our much-loved Asus Zenbook UX305 (read our review) and the Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox One at that price.

Heck, you could build a robust gaming PC and get a cheap laptop for the same price. In fact, the PC you would assemble yourself for that price would be far, far more powerful than a laptop.

Laptop Gaming Is Stupid

Speaking of building your own computer, that is a major part of the PC gaming experience. PC hardware changes rapidly—it’s a much faster pace than consoles. So your graphics card gets outdated pretty quickly, and it’s difficult to run new games are their best possible settings. However, laptops don’t let you upgrade this graphics card or other components like the processor. Usually, you can only upgrade the hard drive and RAM memory.

Also, given all the top-notch hardware that is packed into a notebook meant for gaming, its size and weight goes up. What you usually get is a hefty device, sacrificing the portability of a laptop – in which case, what’s the point?

Laptop Gaming Is Obsolete

Perhaps the biggest reason for an average consumer to not purchase a gaming laptop is how good mobile gaming is now. When you’re going on a trip or are unable to access your PC for a while, you can probably still get your phone or tablet with you. And these days, games made for smartphones or iPads are incredibly entertaining and engrossing.

You would need to be obsessed with PC gaming or be a professional gamer for you to need a gaming laptop with you wherever you go. If you’re a pro, this article isn’t for you. If you’re just obsessed, it’s time to reassess your priorities.

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  1. R
    Feb 3, 2017 at 8:57 am
    I think that it must be written by someone who use a mac book air or stuff like that or maybe s/he is used to play games on mobile like clash of clan, candy crash, Temple rum. This person is totally ignorant about pc gaming industry. I'm editing videos on laptop more than 4 years. Yes it's true that laptops are less powerful than their desktop counterparts but they are pretty powerful theory handle almost every game. Even 4k video editing is possible on laptops
    1. M
      Mar 28, 2016 at 4:11 pm
      who ever have write this article is just common guy who never play real game on pc so that he doesnt know what game pc real mean get a life and write the thing u really know u fool
      1. C
        Cringe Worthy
        Mar 28, 2016 at 12:49 pm
        Someone DEFINITELY DID NOT DO THEIR RESEARCH... all of this is complete BS.
        1. A
          Aneesh Menon
          Jul 10, 2016 at 1:32 pm
          Whoever wrote this article is an and obviously doesn't see the bigger picture of the gaming industry. PC gaming was, is and will always remain the frontrunner of the gaming industry. Certain games which are pioneers of their genre like World of Warcraft, FPS games like Battlefield or even MOBA games like DotA which have a combined player base which exceeds the console gaming player base two times over - can ONLY be pla on a PC. Also, I'd like to point out that the writer of this article is so f-ing stupid that he has literally contradicted his own statement when he said "The nature of technology is such that new innovations often make existing gadgets redundant or unnecessary." - that too without doing any prior research whatsoever. Whenever the latest technology comes out for gaming, it's always developed first and foremost for the PC. The PS4 and Xbone use graphic cards that would be outdated by PC standards. Whether it's the latest processor, graphic card, motherboards, storage utility etc etc.. it's always PC first.. And mobile gaming is huge now which is why gaming laptops have become extremely por in the last 3 years.. This of an author needs to get his facts right before writing uneducated, baseless and misinformed articles on topics which it is clear he knows absolutely nothing about..
          1. D
            Dumb Author
            Mar 28, 2016 at 11:56 am
            Gaming laptops will not exist if there are no demand in the first place.lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;"Gaming" is just another word that defines its power. If it can run HQ games, it will also run intensive apps.lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;Do you even think?
            1. L
              Oct 22, 2016 at 4:50 pm
              Whoever wrote this article probably thinks that high-end gaming is playing 'Candy Crush' in an 80k iPhone (Beautiful 'Candilicious' graphics thanks to the smartphone's gpu')
              1. C
                Apr 8, 2016 at 5:46 pm
                Absolute rubbish of an article!
                1. J
                  Dec 11, 2016 at 4:28 am
                  The introduction of 4k UHD gaming with Directx 12 installation in Gaming Laptops 2017 in India has changed the gaming experience indeed.
                  1. M
                    Dec 19, 2016 at 9:45 am
                    This kinda article can only be written by some wannabe 'dude'/'queenbee', who just want to impress their boss and make him think that they know gaming. What a loser.lt;br/gt;And Indian Express should atleast review the articles before posting bs.
                    1. N
                      Mar 26, 2016 at 3:54 pm
                      Dont agree buddy. Just because game developers are not prioritizing pc games does not make a gaming laptop stupid. A gaming laptop not only plays games at good resolutions but also maintains the mobility that justifies existence of a laptop in first place. Also, a nice gaming lap does not have to cost about 80,000 (proud owner of lenovo y560 for 5 years @ Rs. 56000 which still plays pes 16 quite decently.
                      1. P
                        Mar 26, 2016 at 12:51 pm
                        Either you are ignorant or didn't do your homework right. The facts clearly contradict your claims.lt;br/gt;4527_game_developers_platform_preferences_n.jpg
                        1. T
                          Nov 18, 2016 at 7:41 am
                          Got to be most hated article of the century on this website
                          1. A
                            Mar 27, 2016 at 7:34 pm
                            Er what? Have you been living under a rock or smoking something that makes writing an opinion like it's a fact?lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;Developers have made and are making some crazy ridiculous games that only pc's can handle.lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;As for laptop gaming it's absolutely essential for me. I don't have the room for a huge gamimg rig so a performance laptop covers all bases for me.lt;br/gt;I have mostly been a console gamer up until i needed to replace my PC.lt;br/gt;I knew i wanted to game on the PC as i felt restrictes on a console.lt;br/gt;As soon as i bought the laptop my PS3 became a dvd player and netflix box.lt;br/gt;I've been gaming for 26 years and my gaming world has never opened as widely as it has now i'm on a PC again.
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