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We told you so. The Google doodle did transform to mark the New Year

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published on:January 1, 2014 1:25 pm

In the end the 4 did push out the incumbent 3,after all if had been there for 365 days. As predicted by us,the Google doodle for December 31 did transform to reveal 2014. The animated number are now on celebrating the New Year,complete with blaring speakers and a disco ball.

Google’s New Year’s Eve doodle will transform. You can bet on it

Even last year,Google had marked the last day of 2012 with a doodle that finally morphed into another the next day. So while December 31,2012 was marked by a doodle of people partying hard,January 1,2013 showed the same scene almost empty with just the cleaners around.

This has been a recurring theme with Google’s doodles every New Year’s Eve since 2011. It is always the same doodle that transforms into another to mark the transition of the year. Before that,there was no tradition of having a special doodle on December 31,though the new year was always marked with one.

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