Tuesday, Apr 21, 2015

Twitter redesigns profile page, makes it look like a Facebook retweet

US First Lady Michelle Obama is among the first to get the new page US First Lady Michelle Obama is among the first to get the new page
Written by Nandagopal Rajan | Published on:April 9, 2014 5:42 pm

For the first few minutes I thought Twitter had been acquired by Facebook. That was before the mail sunk it, Twitter has just resigned its profile page.

All similarities to the Facebook aside, the profile page carries a larger cover photo, new locations for the profile picture (left) and who to follow (right). The space for tweets has also become wider, which means you get to see larger pictures and the abuses from trolls in bigger point size.

Twitter has started the rollout of the new pages and has listed some of the celebrities already using the new profile page, among the US First Lady Michelle Obama and actor Channing Tatum.

Discovering tweets on profile pages has also become easier as you now have headers for Photos/Videos and Favourites. Also, tweets that have a higher engagement will appear slightly larger. Also, like Facebook pages, you can pin tweets to the top of the page.

The new features will be rolled out ever to everyone over the coming weeks, however new users will start with the brand new profile page.

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