Top ten classic retro games that will make you feel nostalgic

Here are some of those classic retro games that make you wish you still had them, along with some interesting facts about them.

Written by Khyati Rajvanshi | Holland | Updated: August 25, 2014 4:53 pm


As a 90’s kid, I grew up playing some basic yet classic games of my times. These day’s high quality graphic games and online multiplayer system were non existent back in the day and despite that those games are forever green because of their amazing story plot, missions, tasks and specially cool characters.

Here are some of those classic retro games that make you nostalgic and wish you still had them to play these days along with some interesting unknown facts about them:


Okay if you don’t know about Mario, then clearly you are an alien or simply a wanna-be video gamer. Mario is the reason why you have Call of Duty, Sonic and all those amazing video games today. After the crash of the video game industry in 1983, Nintendo came up with this brilliant marketing idea of Mario, a small Italian plumber who is set to rescue a princess. Even though the game is about 30 years old, one can never ever get tired of playing it. Mario came with over 200 video games since his existence and is hands down the best selling video game franchise in the history. Thousands of Mario versions, power ups, levels are highly addictive, cool and entertaining.


Interesting Fact: In the year 2000, Nintendo was sued because Mario Party’s joystick-spinning mini games caused hand injuries to children. Yes that’s right. The kids were so addicted that due to their injuries lawsuit, the gaming boss had agreed to invest $80 million in protective gloves for the owners of the game. Nintendo boss was willing to provide up to four fingerless gloves with additional padded palms for each household that owned the game. Talk about bizarre lawsuits and their consequences.


Aladdin was one of the perfect love stories and a perfect entertaining game. Designed by Virgin in 1993, the game was a replica of the movie due to the fact that its creators made sure that the setting, characters and actions are same just like in the movie. The game is basically all about killing enemies with basic swordplay, jumping and throwing apples. Aladdin needs to escape from the Cave of Wonders on a carpet and jump across the Agrabah’s rooftops. The whole plot is simple, entertaining and fun to follow. You see the other minor characters in few episodes or extra games. And I must say, the graphics were pretty well done considering the era and the time it was created in, thanks to the use of Cel Animation. Aladdin surely manages to look like a sexy warrior against the cruel world.


Interesting Fact: Aladdin took almost a half-year of work to be completed at a price of between $1 and $1.5 million, which was four times the average cost at that time. It was released on October 19, 1993, which was three weeks after the movie hit VHS. Wow, …continued »

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