Samsung Galaxy S5, the lighter side of high-end technology

Even Samsung's competitors got involved in the tweets lampooning Galaxy S5

| Updated: February 28, 2014 11:40:22 am
The Samsung Galaxy will be available from April. The Samsung Galaxy was launched at the MWC in Barcelona.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is here, and can the jokes be far behind? The Twitterati poked gentle fun at every feature of the S5, from its appearance to its waterproof nature. What we were most surprised at is that some competitors of Samsung got involved, too.

Here are the funniest Galaxy S5 jokes from Twitter.

The most viral funny picture of the S5
S5 1

Size does matter
S5 2

Nokia and nuclear war survival jokes never get old
S5 3

Paid publicity tweet or not, this was still very funny
S5 4

Recycled iPhone 4 / 5 jokes
S5 5

HTC decides to get involved…
S5 6

…as does Nokia. Sadly, they use a pun first created more than ten years ago
S5 7

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