JBL Onbeat Venue LT Speaker: Small box,big sound,even charges Apple Inc. gadgets

A powerful wireless speaker for music,movies and gaming. It even charges your Apple devices

Written by Sudhir Chowdhary | Published: June 13, 2013 7:51:02 pm

In my TV room,I have this great Sony music system— well,great except that it doesn’t have Bluetooth. In today’s high-paced life,sitting down for a lengthy listening session of your choicest songs can be a luxury;

instead your handy mobile phone or an MP3 player can be a good device to keep you plugged to your favourite music via headphones. But I personally believe that these on-head audio devices are not able to render that haunting musical experience that you normally get from a stand-alone speaker,big or small. In addition,the head-gear tends to heat up your ears,especially in summer months.

Recently I figured a better way out,courtesy a sample JBL OnBeat Venue LT speaker system. This Harman system,modestly priced at R15,990,not only gives you the freedom to listen to music with no wires,it even docks and charges the latest Apple devices,including the iPhone 5,iPad mini,iPod Touch and Nano,for music,movies and gaming. Since this little powerhouse is a JBL speaker system,you can have faith that it delivers great sound. The OnBeat Venue offers 30 watts of amplification—enough to keep your party bouncing.

For the uninitiated,the LT in the JBL OnBeat Venue stands for Lightning; it was one of the first speakers to sport Apple’s new 8-pin Lightning dock. Of course,there are plenty of others now including the JBL OnBeat Micro Portable Speaker Dock,Bose SoundDock Series III,Philips Lifestyle Music System,among others in the market.

Included in the box was one JBL OnBeat Venue loudspeaker dock,one AC power adapter and a quick-start guide. Set up was simple and straight forward. To wirelessly stream audio to the JBL speaker from a Bluetooth-enabled device,keep these points in mind: if the system’s Bluetooth LED is not flashing blue,press the Source button until the Bluetooth LED begins flashing blue. Subsequently,place the Bluetooth-capable device in the pairing mode. Use the device’s Bluetooth pairing menu to pair with OnBeat Venue. When the system’s Bluetooth LED illuminates blue continually,it is paired with the device and you can stream audio via Bluetooth from the device to the JBL system.

What this all translates into is superb wireless Bluetooth audio streaming that sounds just as good as a wired connection and in my testing,just as reliable.

At my end,I paired the JBL speaker with an iPhone 4,MacBook Pro and a BlackBerry Bold 9900. Post that,I placed this good-looking speaker system on a shelf with the rear of its enclosure at least three inches away from the wall to allow the bass ports to operate properly. With exceptional bass and the latest Apple functionality,what I got was both thunder and lightning. The JBL OnBeat Venue’s two full-range transducers provide you with room-filling sound. Listeners get powerful,great-sounding bass with low distortion.

There is no remote control in the box,but JBL does provide a free app called MusicFlow on the App Store. MusicFlow lets you create playlists from the music stored on your device. There are volume up/down buttons on the device or you can use the remote app and swipe up and down on the speaker’s screen.

As an added perk,a sliding dock in the OnBeat Venue charges the latest Apple gadgets,including the iPhone 5,iPad mini,iPod Touch and Nano. If you are wondering where the dock is hidden,you access it by pushing in the drawer at the front with the JBL logo on it.

Overall,the OnBeat Venue delivers an exciting all-round performance. Recommended for Apple fans.

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