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For selfies and groupshots,MaxStone will let you control DSLR with iPhone

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Published on:January 2, 2014 12:28 pm

Have you tried talking a selfie with a DSLR? Well,it is tough to say the least.

What if you could take a selfie with your DSLR but using your iPhone? Sounds weird,right?

The MaxStone is a small coin-size device that fixes to most DSLR models and lets you control the camera using an iPhone app. So with the small MaxStone hanging from the camera you can use your iPhone to click a selfie or a group photo with you in it. The app will also let you click long exposure and time lapse shots without shaking the camera.


There is more to this neat little device,created as a Kickstarter project by New York-based MaxMax Inc. With the MaxStone paired with the phone it can be used as a remote trigger for the iPhone camera as well. Plus,it can also be used to locate the phone when needed. This same feature alerts you if the camera,with the MacStone,attached it take beyond a certain distance of the phone.

The app can be used to control up to four cameras simultaneously,and that means you can take pictures of the same subject from multiple angles if you have so many cameras. The CR2032 battery should last at least six months.


The best thing about the device is the fact that it will cost upwards of $29,almost the same as a cheap remote trigger for your DSLR. The first units are expected to ship in March 2014.


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