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F&D F1200U review: Good music on a budget

F&D F1200U review The audio quality is pretty much the same if you play from PC, USB or SD card.
Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Published on:August 8, 2014 1:34 pm

F&D is an Indian audio company that has been making speaker systems for close to a decade. This is the first time I have reviewed one of their products, though I have heard good things being said about them in the past. The F&D F1200U is a 4.1 speaker set that can replace you old music system and become your entertainment hub.


The F1200U works on design language that gives prominence to circles and curves. Except for the sub-woofer, the front and surround speakers are half spheres sitting on a slight angle. The sub-woofer has a wooden base, while the others seem to be made of plastic. One good thing about the sub-woofer is the fact that all controls are on the right side and not at the rear as is the fashion. This makes it easier to change volume or base with the hand when the remote is not handy. However, the remote is full function and you will be using it for most of the controls. On the side, along with the knobs and buttons, are slots for a USB and SD card. So you can play music independent of the PC or whichever source you are planning to yoke this to. The unit also comes with an in built FM scanner.


For the past few years I have felt that it was a bit of a waste to spend huge amounts of
money to get high-end speaker systems for your home. Most of us can’t figure out the difference in the playback of a Nakamichi and a good Philips 2.1. Spend the extra buck if you are the sort who get to spend a couple of hours everyday enjoying your music. For those of us who can’t afford this luxury, a good 5.1 or a 4.1 system like the F&D is good enough.

The F1200U has a good  50Hz~20KHz range that covers most of our requirements from a Andrea Bocelli baritone rendition of Besame Mucho to a Jagjit Singh’s soul stirring He Ram for the morning hours. If your tastes are more mass, this one can get you to shake a leg to Badtameez Dil too.

The audio quality is pretty much the same if you play from PC, USB or SD card. However, the FM is not as enjoyable an experience, at least not with all the channels. There was too much static for my liking.

One other issue is the lack of a power button on the remote. Yes, you can always mute when you have to take a phone call, but there are times when you don’t want to walk to the sub-woofer to switch off the entire ri.


The  F&D F1200U is a good option for those who are not all that choosy about the brands that play their music. If good audio quality is all that you care for, then this a good option. Do remember that it costs just Rs 4,990.


Sub-woofer speaker: 50Hz~120Hz
Front speaker: 1505Hz~20KHz
Surround speaker:1505Hz~20KHz
Output power (RMS): 42W
Front: 7W×2
Surround: 7W×2
Subwoofer: 14W
Front speaker cable: 5.6 m
Surround speaker cable: 8 m
Power: AC 220~240V 50Hz/60Hz

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