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EXPRESS READING: Best tech stories you missed this week

Why Wearable Devices Will Never Be As Disruptive As Smartphones Why Wearable Devices Will Never Be As Disruptive As Smartphones
Mumbai | Published on:February 3, 2014 6:00 pm
 Each week we bring you the best tech reads from around the web. This week, we get you reading about Cellphone Hangover, a new way of watching movies with Oculus, Lenovo's Motorola acquisition, Andoid Software Updates, Intel's Voice Recognition Software et cetera. Happy Reading!
1. We're All Doomed: Using Your Smartphon
e Before Bed Can Cause Cellphone 'Hangover': An Interesting story in TIME on how excessive use of cellphone before bed can cause Hangover. Aren't we all going through this already?
ty you are reading this on your mobile. While CES 2014 was all about wearable computing Products; KEVIN MCCULLAGH writes about four key problems which could inhibit wearable computers from being as disruptive as smartphones.
3. Oculus Is Awesome for Games, But It's the Future of Movies: Oculus Rift was designed for Gaming but here, Angela Watercutter talks about use of VR headset to stream 360-degree interactive videos and how Oculus stands to be the future of movies. Interesting Read.
4. With Motorola sale and Samsung peace, Google finds practical exit to an unconventional (and expensive) deal: GigaOm's Tom Krazit gets all the deatils from the week surrounding Google's peace-making effort with Samsung and Lenovo's Motorola Acquisition.
Bonus link to Can Lenovo save Motorola?
5. Tech firms seek 'healthy' returns: Tech Companies are targetting health sector with some of the finest wearable computing devices and here, Sophie Curtis of The Telegraph gets us all the inside details from Nintendo's healthy ambitions.
6. Why Android Updates Take So Long To Get To Your Smartphone: The ultimate guide to every Android User's question by Dan Rowinski.
7. First Android bootkit malware spotted; reportedly found on over 350,000 mobile devices, most in China: Emil Protalinski writes about new Android trojan which resides in the memory of infected devices and launches during OS loading.
8. Intel's voice recognition will blow Siri out of the water-because it doesn't use cloud: Christopher Mims gets us all the Intel behind Intel's offline voice recognition tech which could outshine cloud based voice assistants like SIRI.

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