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EXPRESS READING: Best tech stories you missed this week

google Sex Don't get outraged, but its all about an app for Google Glass called "Sex with Glass"
Mumbai | Updated: January 27, 2014 11:14 am

Each week we bring you the best tech reads from around the web. This week, we get you stories from Mac's 30th Birthday, Candy Crush Trademark, Google's Memo, Building your own Nest-like Thermostat, Sex with Glass and some more. Happy Reading!
1. Happy Birthday, Mac: No big story but a visual tour of Mac's culmination in last 30 years.
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2. Candy Crush Saga Has Trademarked Candy and Apple's App Store Is Helping Enforce It: Anthony Kosner brings us all details about the trademark and how Apple is helping King.com in enforcing the trademark regulation.
3. Report: As countries adopt LTE, mobile data use starts skyrocketing: Last week Airtel showed off its 4G LTE Services in Bangalore and here's an interesting story on huge surge in data use and carrier revenues with LTE adoption.
4. These guys built their own own open-source Nest thermostat alternative in less than a day: Interesting story about Spark team which built its own Nest like thermostat and made it open-source for others to innovate by Ricardo Bilton for VentureBeat.
5. How to make sex 'more awesome' using Google Glass: Don't get outraged, but its all about an app for Google Glass called "Sex with Glass". Alex Hern of The Gaurdian discusses about the app with its developer Sherif Maktabi.
6. Surveillance and Scandal: This one is a must read courtesy Om Malik of GigaOm. In his words, NSA surveillance isn't just about security, it is about blackmail, writes Alfred McCoy.
7. Look Into the Futuristic Labs Where Satellites Are Born: Kyle Vanhemort takes us into the cutting edge labs where Spacecrafts are built.
Compiled by Karthekayan Iyer, a Mumbai-based geek and aspiring tech writer
First Published on: January 27, 201411:09 am
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