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Thursday, April 19, 2018

KursiCricket pits Rahul Gandhi against Narendra Modi , virtually

Mobile and online cricket game, KursiCricket tries to cash in on this poll frenzy by letting users bat for their favorite Neta.

New Delhi | Updated: March 26, 2014 10:37:59 pm

The smartphone ecosystem is fast emerging as one of the battlegrounds in the upcoming general elections with political parties and their supporters launching apps to woo the young voters, who form a major section of the electorate this time.

Mobile and online cricket game KursiCricket tries to cash in on this poll frenzy by letting users bat for their favorite neta. It involves the current lineup of politicians such as Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal vying to be India’s next prime minister. Launched by Games2win, a Mumbai based company in February, 2014 in the wake of coming elections.

The game is very normal to start off with. As you click on the app icon the initials of the name of politicians such as “NM” (Narendra Modi), “AK” (Arvind Kejriwal) and “RG” (Rahul Gandhi) appear on screen holding their bats with a “Kursi” for whosoever wins.Then you have to choose how many times you want your leader to bat out of the options of One, Three and Five wickets. Once you end up playing the cumulative score of your leader appears on the scoreboard. The graphics are good and are the virtual characters resemble the real politicians. Narendra Modi with his trademark spectacles, Rahul Gandhi with a “teeka” on his forehead while the image of Arvind Kejriwal lacks his trademark muffler.

This app gives a chance to the supporters of every party to support and show love towards their candidate. For now according to the current scores of these politicians Narendra Modi is on the first place with 1,61,39,269 runs, Arvind Kejriwal is at second place with 1,09, 49,244 runs and Rahul Gandhi on the third place with 1,08,64,110 runs.

Except the interesting characters this app has nothing much to offer with the gaming part. The app could have been a lot better comparing it to other cricketing apps also the controls are not so sensitive every time you tap the screen the ball is likely to pass the bat without getting into contact. It could have been a complete game if the other aspect of the game i.e.bowling had also been involved. Except for banking on the election season this app has nothing much to offer.

Alok Kejriwal, the Co-Founder and CEO of Games2win said, “We Indians are obsessed with cricket and now mainstream politics has taken its place. So we thought of a simple, one-tap game that combines both the obsessions.” He added: “We believe that politics and politicians are ready for gamification (making games around serious topics) and this is our humble contribution.”

This mobile and online cricket game aims to target the age group 14-34. The word “Kursi” is used because as the politicians are battling for the PM’s kursi. Kejriwal also claims that this game is the 15th most popular game in sports. “For this app, we thought the coming elections as the best platform. The response is overwhelming without any advertising. Everyday there are 3,000-5,000 downloads.”

For now the game is only for android users but it will go live on iPhone in next one week and for the Windows Phone in two weeks. Kejriwal said: “We have zero per cent commercial interest in this game. Our only aim is to promote politics and to convince the people to vote.”

(By: Sneha Thakur, student EXIMS)

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