5 awesome platform games you should be playing on Android or iOS

Platformers are immensely enjoyable and a great way to pass some time on your mobile device

Written by Mihir Patkar | Updated: August 5, 2014 12:57:49 pm
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What’s a platformer, or platform game? Think of Mario, Sonic, Trine, or any of the other side-scrolling adventures you have played. Both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store have plenty of great platformers which we revisited during our review of the Logitech Powershell.

If there is one thing we learnt, it’s that whether you’re using a special gamepad or not, platformers are still immensely enjoyable and a great way to pass some time on your mobile device. With that in mind, we rounded up a few of our favourites:

Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade is one of the newer platformers, but it’s a blast. The graphics are gorgeous and have a hand-painted look to them. You play as a ninja on an epic quest, jumping over great obstacles, climbing up walls with effortless ease, and slaying all the enemies in your path with your trusty sword—combined with some acrobatic moves. It’s all about speed here, as you collect stars to unlock the next levels.

Download Shadow Blade for Android (Rs. 120)

Download Shadow Blade for iOS (Rs. 120)


Rayman Fiesta Run

If the music of Rayman Fiesta Run doesn’t get you, the gameplay will. It’s fast, it’s frantic, it’s fun—with a high-pitched Mariachi band playing in the background that completes the cartoony look and feel of this game. Playing as Rayman or one of his friends, you’ll have to make a breakneck dash to the finish line, in a path that collects all the “lums” and secret elements. It might seem like a childish game at first, but play it for a while and you’ll be hooked. Plus, it’s really long and has several levels to keep you engaged for days, making it well worth the money it asks for.

Download Rayman Fiesta Run for Android (Rs. 60)

Download Rayman Fiesta Run for iOS (Rs. 190)

Wind-up Knight 2

Spring is a knight with a turnkey on his back. Wind him and he’s ready to go, go, go, never once stopping. So it’s up to you to protect him on his journey, using his shield to thwart attacks, his sword to unleash some attacks of you own, and jump and roll to avoid the obstacles in the path. All of this is coupled with simple controls that only take a few levels to learn, after which you are ready to face some difficult challenges for teeth-gnashing fun. The game is free to download and play for the first eight levels, but after that, you’ll have to pay Rs. 120 to unlock the rest of the game.

Download Wind-up Knight 2 for Android (Free)

Download Wind-up Knight 2 for iOS (Free)


Roboto has been around for a long time now, but much like any great platformer, that doesn’t make it any less fun to play, or to replay. You take the role of a cute robot trying to win back his lady love, collecting energy balls to keep going as he jumps and shoots his way in every level. The graphics of Roboto are what really hook you, be it the lovely animations or the small tweaks like blowing up an enemy to have his parts fly into your screen.

Download Roboto for Android (Rs. 162)

Download Roboto for iOS (Rs. 60)


The eerie silhouetted art style and ominous background score make Badland feel creepy, but the game is a blast. Who would have thought that a fuzzy little ball would cause so much trouble? Badland’s fuzzy creature, your protagonist, has the unique ability to clone himself. And these clones will be needed to pass the many puzzle-platform levels in the path. At times, you’ll have to couple the cloning ability with other power-ups, like super-speed or sticky fuzzies. But it’s all worth it when you figure out how to get out of your predicament… only to land into the next one.

Download Badland for Android (Free)

Download Badland for iOS (Rs. 250)


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