Reliance Jio offer: New JioFi users to get up to 224 GB data at Rs 509, and here’s how

Reliance Jio offer has rolled out for users who purchase a new JioFi device along with Jio SIM card. While the JioFi device is priced at Rs 1,999 on the website, it also comes with new data offers with users getting the option of 224GB data in one case.

By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 10, 2017 1:11 pm
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Reliance Jio has rolled out new offers for its users who purchase JioFi device along with Jio SIM card. While the JioFi device is priced at Rs 1,999 on the website, it also comes with new data offers, with users getting the option of enjoying 224 GB data for the duration of the offer period in one case. JioFi users are being offered a lot more data than regular Jio Prime users under the new options. Here’s a look at the JioFi data offers.

How to get JioFi free data offer 

After a user has purchased a JioFi device, they have to get the SIM activated. The Rs 99 membership cost for Jio Prime is included in the Rs 1999 price of the JioFi device. Jio then has four options for users to pick and choose based on their data needs. The offer can only be availed by users who purchase new JioFi device, get a new Jio SIM along with the Jio Prime membership for Rs 99.

Reliance Jio’s first option gives 2GB data per month for 12 months for Rs 149 recharge. Essentially a user who picks this option has to pay Rs 99 and Rs 149 as part of the first recharge, and the rest of the 12 months will be free.

The second option will give users 1GB data per day for six months at a recharge of Rs 309. Again the payment option is Rs 99 + Rs 309, and this recharge will apply for 6 cycles, and you’ll get 1GB of data free daily.  This works out to 168GB of data for the offer period, where you are effectively paying only Rs 309 for the recharge, if you don’t include the Prime membership cost.

The third option offers 2GB data per day for a period of four months for a recharge of Rs 509. The recharge option is Rs 99 + Rs 509, and then this will be applicable for four months. This works out to 224 GB for the offer period, much more than the regular Jio Prime user gets without the JioFi device.

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The fourth offer gives 60GB data for four months for a price of Rs 999. The Rs 999 recharge is valid is for 60 days, and in this case, the offer will apply for 2 recharge cycles, which works out to 120 days or nearly four months. The offers are available only for prepaid users, and bill cycle is 28 days.

So is JioFi data offer worth it? 

Jio is offering a lot more data for those who decide to buy the JioFi device right now. For example, for regular Prime users, even those who apply for the service now, the Rs 309 recharge only comes with 84 days of validity in the first recharge with 1GB FUP. After this 84 day period, the recharge has to be done every month.

In case of the JioFi offer, the 1GB FUP is there, but this one recharge will apply for 6 cycles, which is a longer period. Same goes for the other plans, where the free data period is extended. Jio’s terms and conditions list this as ‘free service’ period.

For those who want to extend their free run of the Jio data services, this could be an option to consider, though you’ll have to purchase the hardware for Rs 1,999, and get another Jio Prime membership for Rs 99.  So that extra cost is definitely there, despite the promise of some extra data.

Also note that Jio’s ‘Summer Surprise’ offer will expire at the end of this month for users, post which they have to get a recharge done to continue using company’s data services. Currently, Reliance Jio has ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan’ offer that gives users 1GB/2GB data per day for 84 days at a recharge of Rs 309/Rs 509 respectively. Several other postpaid and prepaid plans are listed on the website as well.

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