Google Glass Enterprise Edition will feature foldable hinge design

Google Glass for Enterprise to come in foldable version with a hinge that allows it to be folded and kept like standard pair of glasses

By: Tech Desk | Updated: December 30, 2015 2:04:22 pm
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Google Glass 2.0 has been rumoured for a long time. The next generation Google Glass designed under Project Aura has made its way through FCC filings.

The FCC filing reveals a version of Google Glass designed for the workplace with a hinge that allows it to be folded and kept like standard pair of glasses. It does have that glass prism like the first generation Google Glass.

According to 9to5 Google, the gadget is expected to be named Google Glass Enterprise Edition and will come with improved internal hardware. The FCC fliling shows Google Glass which is not much different from the one currently available in the market but foldability could be a big feature here.

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The report further states that the device will come with Intel Atom processor and improved battery life from its predecessor. It also will come with 5GHz WiFi band for video streaming.

Also Google has moved the power button to the back of the device and a front light comes on when the camera is turned on. The 9to5 Google says, the device is planned to be only distributed through the Glass for Work startups.

The devices are formally listed on FCC’s website but Google is yet to disclose more details about the device. In all probability, Google will do a soft launch announcement for the device soon.

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