Adblock Plus now plans to sell ‘Acceptable ads’ through white-listing platform

Adblock Plus has recently unveiled a platform that aims to make it easier for publishers to run pre-approved, un-blocked ads

By: Tech Desk | Updated: September 16, 2016 3:31 pm
adblock, adblock plus, new acceptable ads platform, online ads, adblocking, good ads, acceptable ads platform, adblock extension, anti ad blockers, technology, technology news, indian express Adblock Plus has launched a beta version of its ad-tech platform, which it claims will make white-listing ads faster and easier

Adblock Plus, a web extension that has made life of millions of users online easier is now turning its back on them. Instead of blocking ads on your browsers, Adblock Plus plans to replace the bad ads – ads that are either too big or too intrusive – with good ads. Adblock defines good ads as those that are smaller, less intrusive and in general less annoying to users, using its ‘New Acceptable Ads Platform’.

The only way that content on the Internet is free through the money advertisers give to content writers for placing their ads on their websites. Over the past few years, ads have become a lot more intrusive and a lot less subtle. Adblock extensions for browsers have since popped up online, but now big websites are using adblock blockers. Essentially what that means is that if your browser is running an adblocker, the content on the website will not be visible to you.

Adblock Plus said in a blog post that it has been “tinkering with” a new method of ad placement, defining them as good ads. The company says the key element for what may come in the future is opening the policy of acceptable ads, while improving the process of getting white-listed through the acceptable ads initiative.

Adblock Plus has launched a beta version of its ad-tech platform, which it claims will make white-listing ads faster and easier. The team has collaborated with publisher platform-provider ComboTag to build the ‘Acceptable Ads Platform’. The team claims that this platform will cut the white-listing process for ads from “weeks to seconds”.

The Adblock Plus team has said that any publisher will be able to sign up with their program, and with a few codes on their website – they can start running white-listed ads. These ads will not be able to follow visitors from site to site, but will be limited to certain dimensions. The team hopes to help small blog owners and even medium-sized sites, saying that larger organisations are already running some form of ad-tech.

“The important thing to remember is that for any particular ad placement, ad-blocking users will see the Acceptable Ads-approved ad, while non-ad blockers will see whatever you served anyway – in the same spot,” the blog post said.

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Researchers have shown in the past that advertisements (especially targeted ones) do not bother customers, and are instead welcome by most. The real problem is when advertisements start popping up on the screen and slowing down the users experience on the website.