Google Maps on Android gets Calendar integration with new update

Google Maps latest update for Android bringing Google Calendar to the app, aimed at making daily tasks and travelling easier

By: Tech Desk | Published: October 2, 2016 11:35:57 am
google-maps-calendar-759 Google Maps now shows an ‘Upcoming’ tab that will show a list of a user’s upcoming events (Image: Google)

The latest update to Google Maps application for Android bringing Google Calendar to the app, this the company says will ‘make it even easier to get where you need to go’. Users can quickly access events directly from the map now. According to Google, this move will save users time as they navigate through their daily tasks and travel.

As long as the user is signed into both Google Maps and Google Calendar, the next time a user opens the maps app- they will be able to see Google Calendar events right there on the map. The ‘Upcoming’ tab will show a list of a user’s upcoming events. To see upcoming events, just tap on the sidebar menu, then tap ‘Your Places’ followed by ‘Upcoming’. Events can also be dismissed through the maps app. Clicking on to the event will automatically give the user directions to the event’s location.

This new feature adds to the personalisation of a user’s experience when using the app. If a user sets his home and work address inside the map, it is possible to get directions within seconds. It is also possible to add stickers to mark your home and work on the map. A user can simply search ‘home’ and get directions to it.

It will also be possible to see your Google contacts inside Google Maps. Instead of having to search a friend or colleagues address into the search bar, you can get directions just by clicking on their name (given that you have their address stored in their contact).

To manage all personal content on Google Maps, a user can use the new personal content manager in the settings tab in the side menu.

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