YouTube Heroes is a new community moderation program: Here’s how it works

'YouTube Heroes' is Google's new program that aims to recognise and reward the volunteer contributors.

By: Tech Desk | Published:September 22, 2016 12:02 pm
 Google, YOutube, youtube heroes, youtube heroes program, Youtube heroes levels, Youtube heroes rewards, youtube heroes rules, what is youtube heroes, technology news, indian express Volunteers on the YouTube Heroes program gain ‘experience’ by flagging inappropriate videos, adding captions, and more

Google has announced a new program for YouTube users, called ‘YouTube Heroes’ that is designed to recognise and reward the volunteer contributors and the global community that helps create a better YouTube experience for everyone. Google’s tagline for the program is “Because all heroes deserve a little glory”.

Volunteers on the YouTube Heroes program gain ‘experience’ by flagging inappropriate videos, adding captions and subtitles to videos, sharing their knowledge with other users on the YouTube Help forum, reporting negative content and more.

As the hero gains experience he can move up in ‘Hero levels’ – Level 1 to 5. Heroes will also be able to unlock exclusive rewards along the way.

Level 1 unlocks the Heroes dashboard, and gives the ability to access the community. Level 2 heroes continue their training through exclusive workshops, and by being part in hero video chats. Heroes at Level 3 can unlock super tools, help moderate community content and are able to mass flag videos.

Level 4 heroes can go behind the scenes and get sneak peak at new products, and will also be able to contact YouTube staff directly. Top level heroes, Level 5, will get access to top hero perks and will be able to test new features before they are officially released. They can also apply for the Heroes Summit.

To join the YouTub Hero program, a user needs to have a valid YouTube channel; be of legal age to enter the terms, conditions, obligations and more; and has signed up to participate in the program.

Google notes, “Fraud, abuse or other violative behavior relating to the accrual of points or perks may result in forfeiture of accrued points and unlocked perks as well as cancellation of your program account, termination of your participation in the Program, and termination of any YouTube account or Google account.