Facebook to allow graphical content, if it is newsworthy

Facebook has loosened its policies on the sharing of 'graphical content' on the website, but if it is deemed important or historical

By: Tech Desk | Updated: October 24, 2016 4:14:17 pm
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Facebook has decided to upgrade its ‘Community Standard’ policies, loosening them to allow graphic content like nudity or violence if they carry historical significance or newsworthy.

Facebook has noted that with continued feedback and inputs from its partners and community regarding the display of graphical content on the social media website, the company has decided to tackle the complex task of understanding what is offensive material should be allowed to be displayed on the website.

“In the weeks ahead, we’re going to begin allowing more items that people find newsworthy, significant, or important to the public interest — even if they might otherwise violate our standards. We will work with our community and partners to explore exactly how to do this, both through new tools and approaches to enforcement. Our intent is to allow more images and stories without posing safety risks or showing graphic images to minors and others who do not want to see them,” said Facebook in an online post.

Facebook plans to work closely with law enforcement officials, journalists, publishers, photographers and safety advocates ‘to channel our community’s values, and to make sure our policies reflect our community’s interests.’

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Back in July Facebook faced allegations of censoring the content of Kashmiri users. Facebook allegedly disabled the accounts of users for posting ‘pro-Kashmir’ pictures and updates. Users whose accounts were disabled received messages from Facebook, saying that their posts were removed for violating the ‘Community Standards’ of the website.

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