Demonetisation: MobiKwik Lite app launched for slower Internet connections

MobiKwik Lite is less than 1MB in size and can be downloaded within 30 seconds.

By: Tech Desk | Published: November 28, 2016 2:12:05 pm
MobiKwik, MobiKwik lite, MobiKwik lite download, demonetisation, MobiKwik wallet, MobiKwik lite app, mobile wallet, apps, technology, technology news MobiKwik Lite is less than 1MB in size and can be downloaded within 30 seconds.

MobiKwik has announced the launch of MobiKwik Lite, a light mobile wallet app that is easy to download and works even on basic Internet connection. MobiKwik Lite is less than 1MB in size and can be downloaded within 30 seconds.

The app is available in Hindi and English and users can download the same by giving a missed call to 80971-80971. According to MobiKwik, the app works on EDGE connection as well, allowing users in areas with slower connections to make digital payments easily.

Users can sign-up with MobiKwik Lite using their mobile number. This means that even if you don’t have the official Google Play Store (like on some forked versions of Android), you can still download the app. The app is compatible with Android v2.3 (and later) and iOS. It supports receiving payment, bank transfer, P2P transfer, bill payments and recharges.

“Majority of Indians do not have access to digital payments due to connectivity issues. With 250 million smartphones and less than 50 per cent net penetration, India is highly underserved and the adverse impact of this reality is being observed by masses given the recent demonetization. To bridge the gap between India & Bharat, we have launched MobiKwik Lite,” said Bipin Preet Singh, Co-founder of MobiKwik in a press statement.

“By end of this week, the app will be available in all major Indian languages and soon, MobiKwik Lite will work without any net connectivity too, therefore addressing all the challenges being faced by masses in accessing wallet payments, be it language, connectivity or quality of smartphones,” he added.

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Here’s how shopkeepers and retailers can download the app:

• Give a missed call to 80971-80971

• You will receive a link to download the application.

• Once you click on the link, you will be taken to the download page.

• Next, you will receive an OTP and you’ll be registered on MobiKwik platform.

Mobile wallets, especially after demonetisation, have become one of the essential modes of payment for daily utilities. Now that Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes are no longer legal tender, the country is facing a cash crunch and thus an increased dependence on plastic money.

Soon after the demonetisation drive, Paytm said it registered over 7 million transactions worth Rs 120 crore in a day. Rival MobiKwik it seems is trying to reach out to those customers who have a slower 2G connection and might not have a lot of space to spare on their smartphones.

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