BJP is working towards building a digital India: Arvind Gupta

Real time analytics can bring the required transformation in handling a range of urban issues.

Written by Debashis Sarkar | New Delhi | Updated: August 13, 2014 7:04 pm
arvind gupta Arvind Gupta (Source: Reuters)

In order to deliver the government’s vision of transforming India into a superpower by empowering, connecting and binding Indian citizens, Arvind Gupta, BJP convenor and national head, information and technology, elaborated the need to focus on leveraging IT to build smarter cities in India while addressing the SAP Forum for Public Services in New Delhi on Wednesday.

“Today, citizens want effective delivery of services, improved governance and transparency in the functioning of big, complex and constantly changing cities. To ensure better government-citizen connect and community collaboration BJP is working towards building a ‘Digital India’ where innovation, research and technology will play a major role,” he said.

Dr. Gupta said the power of real time analytics can bring the required transformation in handling a range of urban issues from smart utilities and traffic management.

BJP already has started a social media campaign which lets volunteers and citizens collaborate and contribute. This platform was also leveraged in this election for aggregating the top news and political content across the web every day.

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  1. K
    Jun 30, 2015 at 2:46 pm
    Almost ten months has lapsed but no significant change is visible about improved governance, transparency, effective delivery of services etc. Still many of the government websites are found updated a long time back. Responsiveness of the competent authorities are almost nil, even website feedback comments are barred for acceptance with irrational objections or if accepted even though there is no chance in getting a response. Public grievance is the most avoidable policy of government offices. Geological Survey of India Portal does not comply with the minimum criteria of a fair website. Since it is developed, managed and maintained by GSI, so there is no control of Government of India to set right the website. NIC declares that it can not take any corrective measure as its out of their administrative control. OGD Platform, India Portal, GOI Citizen Charter, Diety, DST, NeGP prefer silence about the prevalent setbacks. At this juncture Good Governance, Digital India are looks more a government hype [propaa] than a real initiative.