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Yahoo Aviate to make lives and phones smarter

Yahoo announced the launch of Yahoo Aviate for Android users in India. Yahoo announced the launch of Yahoo Aviate for Android users in India.
By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Published on:June 25, 2014 9:15 pm

Yahoo, on Wednesday, announced the launch of Yahoo Aviate, now available for Android users in India. Yahoo Aviate simplifies everything about your phone. It starts with a clean, new layout and apps automatically organized for you. But it’s not just about making your phone simpler – Aviate also makes your phone smarter by offering intelligent information throughout your day. Whether you’re on the go, at work, at a restaurant or just relaxing at home, Aviate automatically shows you apps and information that are useful to you based on what you’re up to.

Today’s launch includes new features and performance upgrades from the Beta version of Aviate. Check out what’s new-

More of Your Daily Habits:

Yahoo Aviate isn’t just an app. As your mobile home base, it’s the last thing you check at night and the first thing you look at when you wake up in the morning (especially if you take advantage of our new “track your sleep” feature!). That’s why there’s one-swipe access to daily habits like your alarm clock, weather, your day’s calendar, and a twice-daily news summary.

A Smarter Way to Organize Your Day:

Some of the most exciting updates were built by the Incredible Labs team, who joined Yahoo in February. Using machine learning and predictive technologies, we’ve made Aviate even better at anticipating the information you need at each point in your day:

· Dress for the Weather: Get prepared with an alert if the weather is different from yesterday – significantly cooler or warmer, or if it’s more likely to rain or snow.

· Work Smarter: Connect to conference calls with a single tap (no more typing out conference codes!) and easily email everyone in the meeting if you’re running late.

· Get Around: On your way to work? Aviate will estimate commute time, taking traffic into consideration. Heading out to dinner with friends? Aviate makes it simple to call an Uber to get there.

And Now, Your Favorite People:

· Aviate automatically pulls your most popular contacts into a list of “Favorites”. Now, call or text your favorite people with a simple swipe up from the homescreen.

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