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Xolo Q1100 Quick-Read Review

The Xolo Q1100 isn't far different from most smartphones you'd see today. The Xolo Q1100 isn't far different from most smartphones you'd see today.
Written by Mihir Patkar | New Delhi | Updated: April 22, 2014 10:59 am

though: you’re better off downloading a third-party camera app instead of the preloaded one, which is a nightmare to use.

Storage: It’s a good thing that Xolo has packed in 8GB of internal memory because that’s not something to compromise on. And while the Moto G has the same amount too, the Q1100 packs a microSD slot to expand the memory to 32GB. A huge plus in its favour.

Software: The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean interface of the Q1100 is not that different from what you get in stock Android. Xolo has thrown in a few apps that enhance Indian language use, like a contacts app that shows your phonebook in other languages, and TransPic, which claims to translate photos of Hindi language into English. Without beating around the bush, these just don’t work that well and you’re better off not using them.

Battery: The Q1100 would be an easy recommendation were it not for the battery. On an average day, you can expect between 10 and 12 hours of usage, so you will be charging this phone at least twice a day. On heavy usage, the phone lasted for just 6 hours. And on our continuous video playback test, it died before hitting the 3 hour mark. If you’re considering the Q1100, either buy a second battery for it or a good power bank.

Verdict: So is the Xolo Q1100 better than the Moto G? Like we said, yes and no. The Moto G is still a better choice for someone who wants “a phone that just works”. And its battery life is one of the best around, plus it comes with Gorilla Glass protection for the screen. The Q1100 has several quirks and flaws, but it scores over the Moto G in two areas: the camera and the expandable memory. If the camera is the most important part or if you absolutely want a microSD card, then yes, the Q1100 is a better phone to buy. But as an overall package, the Moto G still scores higher.

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