Wickedleak Wammy Passion X quick-read review: Just waterproofing won’t do

The phone has some good points, like the fantastic screen. But it doesn't come together to feel like a great device.

Wammy Passion X with Octa core costs Rs 17,990+ Wammy Passion X with Octa core costs Rs 17,990+
Written by Mihir Patkar | Updated: April 1, 2014 2:42 pm

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Screen: The Wammy Passion X has a stunning screen that is bound to draw favour from anyone who looks at it. It has wide viewing angles, accurate colour reproduction, and it displays sharp images. The addition of scratch-resistant Dragontrail glass is welcome because you don’t have to put on a screen guard, although that’s packaged in the box.

Performance: For most purposes, the Wammy Passion X runs as good as any other Android we have seen. Even high-end games played well for the most part, but switching them to high quality did cause frames to drop when we were multi-tasking. Still, at this price, the Wammy Passion X is as good as or better than any of its competitors.

Memory: The 16GB of built-in memory is a nice touch, since Android forces you to download apps and games to your internal storage now. Plus, you can always expand it via microSD.

Connectivity: While you will get network in most places, the Passion X has weak audio. In a crowded or noisy environment, it’s difficult to hear the person on the other line unless they start yelling—and even that’s not enough sometimes.

Software: This, for me, is the biggest problem with the Passion X. The colloquialism of “Chinese maal” was never more true. Out of the box, the phone looks like stock Android and has no issues. But reset it once and it defaults to a new interface with the Chinese language enabled. Even if you change the language, other parts like the icons and the theme no longer look like Android. This isn’t friendly for those who like to tinker around with their phone, which is something I liked about the Passion Z+. If you think you’ll ever need to reset your phone—and chances are, you might have to—you will need to get help from Wickedleak service, it’s not as simple as any other Android phone.

Camera: The camera of the Wammy Passion X is not worth the price it demands. Competitors like Micromax and Xolo offer much better snappers at this price. The Passion X is fine when you are clicking photos outdoors in the day, but as light gets dimmer, the noise levels go up disproportionately. Taking photographs at night, even with the LED flash on, is not a good experience. And during both day and night, the images appear dull and the colours look faded. Finally, video clips are not the Passion X’s stronghold, and there is more camera shake than we have experienced with other smartphones. It’s a disappointing rear camera. And while the 5MP sensor on the front cam is welcome, the photos you click are still grainy and dark.

Battery: The Wammy Passion X lasts for around 15 hours of average usage and 6 hours of video playback—that’s good enough for most people.

Special Mentions: The Passion X is the phone to avoid if you like your music. First, there are no headphones in the box. And we tried three different headphones, as well as a Bluetooth one. The …continued »

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