Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Nearly 70 phones with over-heating issue reported in US

Samsung Galaxy Note7's battery problems are bigger with over 70 cases being reported in the US alone.

By: Tech Desk | Published:September 13, 2016 11:36 am
Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note7, Galaxy Note 7 exploding, Note 7 global recall, Galaxy Note7 battery exploding, Galaxy Note 7 battery issue, Galaxy Note 7 global recall Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery recall: Over 70 cases of the phone overheating reported in the US. (Image source: AP)

Samsung Galaxy Note7’s battery problems are bigger than what may have been reported at first. While Samsung has so far said only 35 cases of the battery exploding globally are known, it looks like the number is double of this in the United States alone. According to a report issued by Health Canada, which is the country’s government safety association, the number of cases reported in the US stands at 70.

The Health Canada website has issued a statement with Samsung calling for an official recall of the Note7 in the country. This is what it reads, “Samsung Note7 smartphone battery has the potential to overheat and burn, posing a potential fire hazard. Health Canada and Samsung Canada have received one report of a phone battery overheating. No injuries have been reported. Samsung has received over 70 reported cases in the United States.

The statement also mentions that approximately 21,953 of the recalled smartphones were sold in Canada. Samsung’s COO and Executive Vice-President in Canada Paul Brannen added this in the statement, “Samsung continues to ensure that consumer safety remains our top priority. We are working with Health Canada and our carrier and retail partners to alert Note7 users of the issue. We are asking users to power down their Galaxy Note7s and exchange their devices through the Canadian Product Exchange.”

Samsung issued a global recall for the product after reports of the battery exploding. In one case in Florida, a man claims his Jeep burnt down as a Galaxy Note7 left to charge in the car exploded. Another report from New York says the phone exploded in the hands of child who was playing a video game on it.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been banned from flights due to the exploding battery issue. In India, the DGCA has also warned customers not to use the Note 7 during a flight or put it in checked-in baggage.

Samsung has also asked customers to stop using the phone immediately and return it to them. In the US, customers can get an S7 or S7 edge in exchange for this phone. The South-Korean firm has also stopped all sales of the Note 7 globally.

In India, the phone was supposed to start shipping towards the end of August, but the battery fiasco has delayed this. Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s recall is expected to cost them nearly $1 billion and more, the company has already cut sales projections from 14 million to 10 million. Samsung blames the exploding battery due to a “minor flaw in the battery manufacturing process” and admits that “quality control standards in the production process may have been insufficient”.