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Opera launches Mini 8 browser for iOS

Opera Mini 8 is a free download Opera Mini 8 is a free download
By: Tech Desk | Updated: June 27, 2014 3:40 pm

Opera has just announced the Mini 8, an update of its popular mobile browser for the iPhone and iPad.

Available free on the Apple App Store, Opera Mini 8 will has three different modes that will cater to most of your browsing habits.

The Opera Mini mode compresses pages by up to 90 per cent and thus results in data savings for the user. It is also helps with the browsing expereince in areas where the network is poor.

Opera Turbo mode on the other hand consumes more data that the Mini mode, but offers a better browsing expeince and website rendering.

Then there is the data savings off mode with no compression and with full website compatibility.

The Opera Mini 8 for iOS is a radical design compared to the previous versions  and conforms with the flat iOS 7 design philosophy.

The speed dial that was once unique to Opera is still there, but it now lets you select one of several customisable Speed Dial entries to visit a specific site.

First Published on: June 27, 20143:39 pm
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