Nokia Lumia 1520 review: The six-pack punch

Nokia steps in with a big phone — Lumia 1520 — and strikes the right chord

Nokia  Lumia 1520 Nokia Lumia 1520
New Delhi | Updated: January 27, 2014 3:07 pm

In line with the rest of the smartphone industry, Nokia has finally brought a huge phablet to the Indian market. Nokia Lumia 1520 is a six-inch phone that takes the baton from the 1020, which has a 41-MP camera. The company already has quite a few big phones in its stable, but the 1520 is the biggest of the lot. This is Nokia’s most powerful phone, and the Rs 46,999 price tag reflects that. For that price, a person is spoilt for choice, with several excellent phones available in the market. Lumia 1520 is the only Windows Phone in that band. Let’s find out if it is worth buying.

Build & Design: The 1520 is a big phone. The black variant comes with a matte finish that is good to hold. The phone doesn’t slip off the palm easily, which is crucial considering how big it is. The size makes it nearly impossible to use with one hand, so does its weight (209 g). It fit in the front pocket of only one of the five trousers I wore while reviewing the device, and even then, taking the phone out to take calls was tedious. This is the first Lumia phone to require a nano-SIM card, also found on iPhone 5 and 5S. The nano-SIM is smaller than micro-SIM cards and most telecom operators let users swap SIM cards for a nominal fee.

Like most Lumia phones, the design of the 1520 is immaculate and the touchscreen is very responsive. Buttons for volume, power and camera are on the right hand side of the device. There is no marking to indicate which button does what, so you will have to figure that out initially. This phone supports expandable memory via microSD cards in case you want more storage.

The display on this phone is excellent. Whether you are reading outdoors or in a dark room, it will not disappoint. Blacks are prominent and colours are vivid on the screen. This is a great phone for watching films.

Nokia Lumia 1520

Software & Performance: In our review of Windows Phone 8 last year, we had said that it is a refreshing take on a smartphone OS. It has several good features but is lacking in some basic areas. While testing the Lumia 1520, we noticed a few major shortcomings in the software. The first is the lack of a good notification centre. In Android and iOS, you can check your messages, email and other updates by swiping down from the top of the screen. In Windows Phone, these notifications disappear after a couple of seconds. If you miss a notification, there is no way to find it. In this operating system, notifications appear on the apps arrayed on the home screen — referred to as live tiles. Not all apps support live tiles, which underlines the need for a …continued »

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