Lenovo’s Motorola mocks iPhone 7 with new ‘SkiptheSevens’ campaign for Moto Z

Motorola takes on tech giants Apple and Samsung to campaign for the 'Moto Z', openly mocks their new offerings

By: Tech Desk | Updated: September 16, 2016 6:20 pm
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When it comes to the new Apple iPhone, everyone likes to take potshots. Samsung has been doing it for years, even newer companies like Xiaomi and LeEco will try and weave in some comparison to the iPhone in their launch presentation. This year Lenovo’s Motorola has joined in with a full fledged sarcastic ad to advertise with the tagline #SkiptheSevens and instead pitches the Moto Z as the ideal device. Motorola had a full-fledged advertisement in the The New York Times today as well.

“When the first generation iPhone came out, it changed everything. It was the rebel, the challenger. And it knocked us off our perch. But that was nine years ago,” said the advertisement. Motorola’s ad further puts down the smartphone manufacturers today; calling them out for implementing moderate improvements in display sizes and camera qualities without bringing in any real changes. The company even says they played a similar game in the past, but is going with ‘something new, something different’ this time around.

The advertisement goes with the header ‘Skip the sevens’, taking a dig not only at Apple’s new iPhone 7 but also at Samsung for its Galaxy Note 7.  Given Samsung’s global recall for Galaxy Note 7 devices thanks to the exploding battery, we’ve are unlikely to see any ads from them mocking the new iPhone. But it seems Motorola has no qualms about kicking people when they’re down.

Motorola’s answer to the ‘Sevens”? – The Moto Z and modular phones. The highlight of the Moto Z (according to Motorola) is the connectivity with Moto Mods – simple ”snap on” modules that can give a user additional battery, a Hasselblad camera with 10x optical zoom, JBL stereo attachment, and even a 70-inch projector add on.

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The company has also released a video on YouTube, that shows a room full of people who are clearly unimpressed with the new iPhone, and are then blown away with a demonstration of the Moto Z with mods. “Our industry was built on thinking differently. Some have forgotten. So for now, we’ll carry the torch. Different is better,” concluded the advertisement.

Of course, for the Moto Z and Mods it won’t be an easy ride in the competitive smartphone market. Modular phones are being pitched as the future, but competing against the S7 series and the iPhone 7 is no walk in the park. Both are solid phones with a performance that can’t be matched or outdone so easily.  Samsung and Apple remain the number one and two smartphone vendors in the world, and neither has opted for a modular phone for now. For now, Motorola is hoping the ad will get them some headline space.