Is Moto E the best budget phone? Here are the best Android smartphones for every budget

This is all you need to read before deciding which Android smartphone to pick in your budget

These are the best buys under Rs 15,000 These are the best buys under Rs 15,000
Written by Mihir Patkar | Updated: May 23, 2014 4:10 pm

It’s difficult to buy an Android phone. There is a wide range of models with different prices and features, which makes it hard to distinguish one from the other. Specifications also don’t always tell the full story—sometimes, the information is represented, sometimes it’s omitted, and sometimes it is difficult to interpret.

But you still need to buy an Android smartphone, so what do you do? Over the past few months, we have tested several of these handsets. We’ve been unhappy with many, we’ve been elated with a few. This is The Indian Express‘s selection of Android smartphones you can buy, which we have personally used. And for fairness, where a good alternative exists which we haven’t tested, we will make a note.

Around Rs. 5,000


Karbonn A16

Available for: Around Rs. 4,800

There aren’t many smartphones at this price which come with 4GB of internal memory, 512MB RAM and a dual-core processor. The Karbonn A16 has decent performance and even runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. But like any handset in this budget, the camera is a let-down and the screen has terrible viewing angles.


Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus

Available for: Rs. 6,000

We haven’t yet tried the Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus, but on paper, this handset has got a lot going for it. It’s got a quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and the same screen, camera and memory as the A16.

Around Rs. 7,000


Lava Xolo A600

Available for: Around Rs. 7,000

The Xolo A600 is quite a looker for its price and it is the only handset we have used in this range whose screen does not suffer from bad viewing angles or poor touch response. The performance and camera are slightly better than the A16, but that’s not what you pay more for. What you do pay more for is the stellar battery life, clocking in 18 hours of average use.


Motorola Moto E

Available for: Around Rs. 7,000

We haven’t yet finished our review of the Moto E, but it’s coming soon. We will update this article when we do. The Moto E is better on paper than the above options, but like we already said, what you see on paper and what you actually get isn’t always the same.

Around Rs. 10,000


Spice Stellar Pinnacle Pro Mi-535

Available for: Around Rs. 9,800

In the Rs. 10,000 segment, the Spice Stellar Pinnacle Pro is a winner with its 16GB of built-in memory, and internal memory below 8GB is something you shouldn’t compromise on at this price. The camera, although 8MP, isn’t going to give you fantastic shots in anything but bright daylight and the performance is good enough for regular usage, but it will start lagging if are multi-tasking with too …continued »

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