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HTC One M8 not yet available in India, and there is no price cut

No, the HTC One M8 is not selling on Flipkart yet No, the HTC One M8 is not selling on Flipkart yet
By: Tech Desk | Updated: May 1, 2014 11:05 am

The HTC One M8 is expected to start selling in India from May 8. But there are some sources which seem to have found the phone selling online, that too at a discounted price.

We checked Flipkart, where the phone has apparently made an appearance, and found that the phone is marked ‘out of stock’. There is no discount either, for the site lists the phone at a price of Rs 49,900, the very price at which the phone was launched in India last week.

Incidentally, the report that is doing the rounds links to the same page, which shows that the phone is out of stock. It is common practice for e-commerce sites to list devices even before they are actually available for sale. That is just to get people to know that the same will be available on the site, when it is launched.

The post claims the phone has been listed at Rs 48,120, but they don’t have anything to substantiate the price cut, not even a screenshot.

The HTC One M8 is expected the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5s a good run for its money. But let us all wait for the phone to be available in India and not jump the gun.

First Published on: May 1, 20148:34 am
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