Google Pixel, Pixel XL users facing crippling camera issues

Some Google Pixel users have been reporting issues with the camera app of their phone, complaining of pink and purple lines on the display

By: Tech Desk | Updated: December 1, 2016 7:19:44 pm
Google, Google Pixel camera issue, Google Pixel XL camera issue, pixel camera distortion, pixel camera issue, Google pixel bugs, Google product forum, Google pixel problems, technology, technology news Users of Google Pixel devices in South America have earlier reported that they have been facing LTE issues with the Band 4 LTE (1700Mhz)

Google Pixel smartphones unveiled in October are facing an increasing number of teething problems, with latest reports suggesting that there are problems with the camera. The issue was spotted on Google’s product forum website by Mobilesyrup, with the first thread on the camera fault started by Mike Fox on October 27.

Sharing on the Pixel User Community thread, Fox said that he was having major issues with the camera of his Pixel XL smartphone, citing that ‘it freezes with pink/purple vertical lines very regularly’ although not every single time. He added that large blocks randomly move around the display, before the phone completely stops responding.

Google Support suggested that Fox clear the data and cache, delete and reinstall the camera app to fix the issue, but the problem still persisted. In a conversation with a Pixel Community Manager, another users concluded that the camera issue was related to software, and not hardware.

Being a community thread, Fox was recommended by a user to remove the grid lines in the camera app, with Fox’s feedback explaining that it was ‘even worse with gridlines off’. In another post, he said that using third party camera app solved the problem for him.

The problem is not restricted to the larger Pixel XL, with other people responding in the forum saying they were facing the same issue with their Pixel devices. Fox was eventually given a replacement phone from Google, but announced on the forum that it too was facing the exact same problem with the native camera app.

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There have been other reports of problems plaguing Google’s Pixel devices, with users in South America reporting that they have been facing LTE issues with the Band 4 LTE (1700Mhz). One of the people was told by Google that they knew about the issue and were working on an update.

Earlier this week, Pixel users also reported an issue relating to screenshots that were shared via Apple iPhone 7 Plus devices; complaining that they appeared to be distorted.

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