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Google Android O: Top features, release date, device compatibility, and more

Google is going to release the next version of Android, currently known as Android O, on August 21. The release date of Android O will coincide with the total solar eclipse. Here's everything you need to know about Android O. 

By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 21, 2017 5:17 pm
Android O, Android O release date, Android Oreo, Android Octopus, Android 8.0 Android O: Here’s everything we need to know about the next version of Google’s mobile operating system.

Google is set to release the next version of Android, currently known as Android O, on August 21. The release date of Android O will coincide with the total solar eclipse. Google plans to have a live stream from New York, which will start at 2.40 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST), which is around 12.10 AM for India. While the next version is known as Android O, but that’s not the name of the software. It’s been widely speculated that Android O will be officially called Oreo. Some even suggests that Google might call the next version of Android as Octopus. So yes, there’s still a lot of confusion about the final name.

At this year’s I/O talked a lot about Android O, so we already know a lot of features coming up in the final version. The new update will bring better battery life, enhanced security features, Picture in Picture (PiP) mode, improved notifications, better audio quality, and much more. Here’s everything you need to know about Android O.

Android O: Top confirmed features

Background limits 

In the next version of Android, Google will be adding a new feature called background limits to extent battery life. This works as a power saving feature to limit background applications, which means the phone’s battery will last longer than it usual does.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode

The picture-in-picture mode will simply allow users to continue watching videos while working with other apps. So now you can watch a YouTube video while sending an important email to your boss.

Notification Dots

Android O will allow users to see notifications even if they’ve missed them without pulling the drop down menu from the top of the screen. It’ s basically a small dot that appears on the app icons when there is a new notification. It will only appear in case of an unread notification. Just long press on the unread notification and you’ll notice a pop-up bubble appears in the form of the notification. The feature looks similar to the red badges we’re familiar on Apple’s iOS.

Faster boot times

Google is promising faster boot times and apps loading times with Android O. So apps will runs and load faster, if you run Android O on a smartphone. Google has already made improvements to boot times in Android Nougat, but with Android O, it is making things faster and better.

New Emojis

The next version of Android will feature redesigned list of emojis. So in place of the emoji that were known as blob faces, you will getting more circular faces that what you get on iOS.

Android O: Release Date and Device compatibility

During this year’s I/O, Google said that Android O would be available “later this summer”. Logically, Google will release the next version of the Android before it brings the Pixel 2 to the market. Given the company’s previous track record, all Google-branded smartphones and tablets will get the latest Android system update. So far, Android O will come to the following devices: Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X,and Nexus 6P. The first smartphone to come pre-loaded with Android O would be none other than the Pixel 2, which we hope will be announced sometime in September.

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    I would like to try Ndroid O on my phone
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      You can only use PIP with if you have a subscription for Red, which has allowed background playback in the earlier version of Android. Research throughly before publishing these articles. It really makes you look bad.
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