Apple iPhone 6s battery replacement: New tool will let you check if your phone is eligible

Apple iPhone 6s unexpected shutdown page now has a tool to check if your phone qualifies for battery replacement.

By: Tech Desk | Published: December 2, 2016 12:20:08 pm
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Apple iPhone 6s users can get their battery replaced under a new program that was launched by the company last month. According to Apple, iPhone 6s devices manufactured from September to October 2015 have a battery problem, but it is not a major security issue. Apple had set up page where users could find out more details about the program, and it has now added a tool to check if your phone qualifies.

Apple’s new tool will let users enter the serial number of their device and see if their device fits the bill. Earlier 9to5Mac had put out details of which serial numbers were on the list. It had reported that the 4th and 5th letter was the deciding factor for which phones would qualify for replacement; the list was Q3 to Q9 and QC, QD,QF, QG, QH, and QJ.

In order to find the serial number of your iPhone, just go to Settings>General>About and Scroll down to the serial number tab. Enter that serial number in the Apple Support page and you’ll see if your phone is eligible for repair. Also remember to tick the right country (eg, India if you’re searching in here) when looking up the serial number for it will show what you should do if your phone’s battery has to replaced.. Apple’s support page is available at

Apple says these iPhone 6s devices are shutting down unexpectedly for users; even when there is 30 or 40 per cent battery left on the smartphone. The phone only comes back to life when plugged back in and usually the battery per cent is reflected as the same when it shutdown.

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Apple says it will replace the battery free of cost, but will examine the device to make sure it is eligible and in working order. If your device has a cracked display, prepare to pay some money, as Apple will charge extra to fix this. Broken displays make battery replacement difficult, so Apple has to change that before hand.

Also users must delete all the data on their iPhone before handing it in for repair. Turn off Find my iPhone as well. All iPhone 6s batteries for 3 years from the time sales began of the first unit are covered under this program.

The battery replacement issue is not the only problem that iPhone users are facing. The iOS 10.1.1 update appears to cause a battery drain issue with users reporting that their iPhones are shutting down even with 50 per cent charge. This includes newer iPhone 7 users as well. Apple has not yet commented on this issue, though we can expect a fix for this in the next update cycle.

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