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All Nokia X family phones to have WeChat preloaded

WeChat is already preloaded in Nokia X WeChat is already preloaded in Nokia X
By: Tech Desk | Updated: March 19, 2014 11:15 am

WeChat, which already comes preloaded on the recently launched Nokia X, will now be available in the Nokia X+, and Nokia XL, the other phones in the new family launched by the Finnish phonemaker.

“We are thrilled to bring WeChat to the Nokia X smartphone family. We continually aim to bring people the best smartphone experience with our innovative hardware and software, and WeChat is a perfect addition to help people stay connected and share more joy with friends,” said Bryan Biniak, Global Vice President and General Manager, Developer Experience, Nokia.

Dennis Hau, Head of Product Center, International Business Group of Tencent, which owns Wechat, said the partnership will offer an enhanced user experience with “our exciting innovative features paired with the outstanding functionality of Nokia phones”.
Nokia X phones will have all of WeChat’s features, including “People Nearby,” “Shake” and “Draft Bottle,” and free stickers ready for Nokia users to enjoy.

WeChat claims to be the fastest growing social media platform with a 379 per cent increase in users during the period of Q2 to Q4 2013, topping the GlobalWebIndex’s Q4 2013 report in terms of growth.

First Published on: March 18, 20148:45 pm
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