Kickass torrent storm: In fight against global piracy, India sets the right examples

The low global ranking of India in terms of piracy can be attributed to a steady growth in providing consumers with legal solutions at incredibly affordable rates

Written by Swapnil Mathur | Updated: August 3, 2016 9:30 pm
Kickass Torrents, streaming sites, Piracy, Bittorrent, MUSO, Gaana, Megaupload, data piracy, pirate sites, kickass torrents shutdown, tech news, technology The usage of various YouTube ripper tools had increased by a whopping 26%, with mobile devices having surpassed that of desktop devices by 46%

As the world comes to terms with KickAss Torrents being laid to rest and the dust settles around the issue of piracy, let us take a moment to examine the real issue at hand. Governments across the world have been relentless in their hunt for those who run big torrent sites, shutting down not just server after server, but also putting the perpetrators behind bars. The fervour with which such activities get carried out and covered in the media, it would seem like the BitTorrent system has become the big bad wolf of the piracy world. But recent statistics revealed by MUSO reveal a truth that points to the contrary.

According to the MUSO report, there have been a total of 141 billion visits to one of the 14000 piracy websites in 2015. The highest number of visits come from the United States of America, but that’s also because they have not just a large population, but also a very high rate of internet penetration. TorrentFreak reports that once the numbers are re-arranged based on the per-capita access to internet, the global trends shift drastically. Latvia tops the list at 46% (of those with internet engaging in piracy) whereas the US drops to an abysmal 38th position in the top 50, with only 4.89% of its internet-enabled population engaging in illegal content consumption. It was interesting to note that India ranks number 42 on this scale, with only 3.46% of its internet population indulging in piracy.

MUSO is a technology company that monitors the piracy markets so as to provide disruptive solutions to legitimate content providers and they have revealed some very interesting statistics with regards to the trends in piracy.

What has been clear from the MUSO data is that in truth the fight against piracy is winning. However, it isn’t coming from the legal attack. For starters, the company reports that of the 78.49 billion queries for pirated TV shows and movies, only 20.65 billion visits were to torrent websites. The remainder 57.84 billion visits were to streaming websites that provide the same shows and movies, illustrating that the real bastion for piracy is actually via the means of streaming and not torrents. If anything, it makes one wonder whether the focus of the international law enforcement agencies is in the right place when 75% of the piracy is actually being carried out through a whole different medium.

KickAss Torrents, Piracy, Bittorrent, MUSO, Gaana, Megaupload, data piracy, pirate sites, kickass torrents shutdown, tech news, technology

Music piracy has seen the numbers remain more or less the same across all of 2015. However, the usage of various YouTube ripper tools had increased by a whopping 26%, with mobile devices having surpassed that of desktop devices by 46%. Essentially, more music is being pirated via mobile devices than it is via desktop computers.

In India, things are rather different. The low global ranking of India in terms of piracy can be attributed to a steady growth in providing consumers with legal solutions at incredibly affordable rates. Services like Gaana and Saavn have had a severe impact on the music piracy rates by bringing legal streaming options to practically every device on the spectrum.

Prashan Agarwal, COO, says online streaming has really caught the consumers fancy over the last five years. “Cumulatively over 1 billion songs are being listened to every month on these platforms. Gaana alone contributes to more than 400 million monthly song streams. This is resulting in huge reduction of music piracy for the music labels and better quality of music for the consumers – a true win-win situation”.

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Netflix refused to share insight into the existing user trends. However, the streaming platform said it was convinced people were willing to pay a fair price for great content, delivered without hassle whenever they want it as opposed to resorting to illegal methods. “Our push to secure global rights and release all originals simultaneously to our global members will help address piracy by those who simply want access to the latest movies and TV shows. There’s been a notable reduction in piracy in countries where we operate such as the US and Canada, where we have been the longest,” said an email response from the Netflix global team.

What we are starting to see now is a general decline in the amount of information being pirated on a global scale. While people’s access to the internet has increased, so has their ability to get a hold of good quality content at an affordable price. As services continue to expand their library of licensed content, there will always be some material that falls through the cracks and onto a piracy platform.

India is definitely on the right track in its fight against piracy, not just in terms of user-engagement, but also on the legal front. Earlier this week, the Delhi High Court too ordered the banning of over 70 websites hosting such content. For once, the West could take a cue from this rising nation on how to prioritise its fight against piracy.

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    Eff Off
    Aug 4, 2016 at 8:43 am
    Yet another example of how the media and governments in no way reflect the wishes of the people they should represent.
    1. A
      Akshay Pujara
      Aug 4, 2016 at 4:33 pm
      i want to tell them who shut down these know whatever you do to stop piracy you close kick or any torrent sites i guarantee u any how that can't stop in the world so please uderstand this in our india on every street there are selling dvds of movies why don't you go there and stop them online piracy always be live that i m not telling everyone knows in the world..
      1. K
        Aug 3, 2016 at 1:27 pm
        Technology should be used to fight global products from being exploited by unsavory characters. Every artist should make sure the contract has clauses to fight piracy, the piracy industry is well connected to police, politicians and local goons with international connections.
        1. J
          JonLuke Picard
          Aug 4, 2016 at 5:39 pm
          DO NOT TRUST THE VOTING ON THIS;br/gt;You have people who post their opinions , then you have someone's;br/gt;lt;br/gt;I downvoted a reply and it showed an upvote. I then tried to change it and it would not let me, because it was saying I already voted. ( a vote to the "reply" )lt;br/gt;So I went to the Post itself , and UPvoted the Post, and it refused to allow , saying that I already vote)lt;br/gt;So you can't do separate votes for the POST and the replies to that post
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          Simrandeep Kaur
          Aug 4, 2016 at 1:42 pm
          Why make our life any more difficult?😟lt;br/gt;Allow us the freedom to atleast watch movies and listen to music in peace. 🙄
          1. K
            Aug 3, 2016 at 9:14 pm
            #KAT Will be back.I promise.
            1. K
              Ken Dunn
              Aug 5, 2016 at 12:07 am
              The problem is not the fact that you are torrenting movies and tv the problem is when you torrent you are not using up your bandwidth every time you goto rewatch said show etc. When you stream your service provider keeps your interests wants needs and habits known so that your personality etc can be tracked. They dont care that your doing it . They just want to keep track of you. When someone does something like a torrent site eventually they crack down on them after so long just so someone else can take the space up to look good for voters. I bet that in some of the ociated countries there is a political pole happening within the year. OW thats right they are. There is your governments motive. Long as people are sitting at computers doing nothing. Everything is fine. thought so I'm in canada not the us. november 8th 2016. So kill the torrenting world a few months before the election. causing all those people to start paying attention so they can influence who gets in office. I bet one of the candidates is going to have some comment about the topic somewhere to sway voters one way or another... then after that another torrenting site will magically show up again. Heck if i was the government i would be the one behind it so could track people and their habits better. Yes can call me paranoid if you want. But can only make guess's based on what i know of the world.
              1. L
                Libbitson McHenri
                Aug 3, 2016 at 6:17 pm
                I love how they say that piracy is the problem but the movie industry is breaking records! Also, as far as music, artists get paid pennies by online streaming services and make most of their money by performing and advertising, as they should. So in reality, torrents HELP the industry by allowing information to propagate organically. But lawyers need work, and they need someone to sue, and get paid. So that's why there is this supposed backlash against sites. AND BTW, there are over 20 kick mirrors, so the theory that you can play whack a mole and make an impact, it pointless and a HUGE waste of resources and money.
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