Google rolls out final fix for ‘QuadRooter’ flaws with new security patch

A month after detection, Google is finally fixing the outstanding flaws with QuadRooter vulnerability on Android-powered devices

By: Tech Desk | Published:September 7, 2016 5:53 pm
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Google has announced new security patch with fix for Quadrooter vulnerabilities. The latest round of Android security fix released on Tuesday addresses two remaining flaws, part of the ‘Quadrooter’ vulnerabilities.

Quadrooter is the latest vulnerability that affected nearly 900 million Android devices. Quadrooter, a set of four flaws, gave an attacker full control to any affected device. With Quadrooter, an attacker can gain complete access to critical data stored in a smartphone. Quadrooter primarily affected smartphones running on Qualcomm chipsets, which in reality, contributes to over 900 million devices.

Google has not been able to secure its mobile operating system very well. Android has been attacked regularly and has been affected with vulnerabilities like Stagefright and Quadrooter. Google claims most phones have received at least two of the fixes issued previously. The new security update now addresses the remaining two vulnerabilities.

Quadrooter vulnerability was first revealed by security firm Check Point Software Technologies. According to the report, Qualrooter vulnerability can be triggered by using a malicious app that won’t need special permissions to access the vulnerabilities. The app installs without leaving any trace of suspicion.

BlackBerry, which recently started selling Android-based devices was one of the first to patch the vulnerability. BlackBerry claims its latest Android smartphone, DTEK50 to be the most secure Android device out there.

As always, Google Nexus will be the first to get the new security update before reaching vendor devices in the next few days.