Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundle announced, along with special edition console

Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundle will come with three colour options and two storage variants, starting at $299

By: Tech Desk | Published:September 13, 2016 2:38 pm
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Xbox has announced a new Battlefield 1 bundle for the Xbox One S. Xbox One S was launched just a few months ago and the company has started offering different game bundles with it. The first is the Gears of War 4 bundle with a special red theme.

Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundle (with 500GB storage) is now available for pre-order at $299. It will first launch in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and US on October 21 and will come to Europe starting October 13. The bundle with come with a physical copy of the game and one month of EA access. Pricing of the bundle will vary by region.

With the bundle, players can join the ever-changing multiplayer battles in the game that allows for 64 players to join-in at the same time on Xbox Live. Fans can also order a military green console with a matching controller with the bundle with 1TB storage.

People in US can also pre-order the Storm Grey Special Edition (500GB) bundle, which features a storm grey coloured Xbox One S console and wireless controller plus. With Battlefield 1 bundles users will also get unlimited access to ‘The Vault’ – EA’s collection of exclusive games for the Xbox One.

Xbox One S features 4K video streaming and with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video and gaming. It is the only console in the market with a 4K UHD Blu-ray player. Xbox One S will also get backward compatibility for Xbox 360 games, which will allow users to buy the new generation of the console without having to buy all games for it.

Xbox offered the Gears of War 4 Limited Edition 2TB Bundle for the Xbox One S starting July. This bundle includes a 2TB variant of the console, and comes in a ‘battle-weathered’ red colour, with a controller of the same theme. This bundle is priced at $449.

Battlefield 1 is an upcoming first-person shooter developed by Dice from the popular Battlefield series. It is the fourteenth installment in the game’s franchise. The game will officially launch on October 21.