Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 review + video: Innovative ‘watch phone’ but impractical smart watch

Smart Pulse M 9010 looks like a watch and is worn as one. But the toughest thing to do is to check time on it.

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Updated: August 16, 2014 6:41 pm
Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 review Buy this if you want to impress kids in a schools or girls in a college, but not to tout yourself as a geek.

Wearables are supposed to be the next big trend in technology. But I doubt if devices likes Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 are, despite their affordability, going to  make this segment all that popular. The Spice Smart Pulse is without a doubt an innovative device, though I would stop well short of calling it practical. Unless these devices are practical they will end up as appendages we will soon forget.

Device: The Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 looks like a watch and is worn as one. But the toughest thing to do on the device is to check time. You need to use your other hand to press the power button on the left of the screen to bring it to life.  The 4-CM LCD screen has the three — options, home and back — button under it. There is something that looks like a camera and an LED flash on the right, but no way to access it on the device itself. The best thing about the watch is the micro-USB port on the left, which means you can charge this directly and do not need an extra piece like in the Samsung Gear or special chargers like in the Pebble.

The watch is really large and reminded me of some timepieces that had caught the fancy of the public in the late 1970s, the sort made popular by Sivaji Ganeshan and others. It large and tends on being ugly, with a large metal body that shows four prominent rivets. Certainly not my style.

Open the rear flap and you will see slots for a full SIM, a micro SIM and SD card. That is also a good indicator that this is meant to be used as a phone, why else would anyone want a second SIM in a watch. If you ask me, I would just put a second SIM in this device. The watch comes with three rubber straps. The sober types can stick to black.

Features: 4 cm screen, 420 mAh battery, audio and video player, Dual Sim (2G+2G), expandable memory upto 8GB, FM Radio, Bluetooth, WAP/GPRS/EDGE

Performance: I told you this one is not a great watch. It is also not such a great phone. Of course, it can make and receive calls, not from one, but two SIMs inside. But you need really tiny, pointy, fingers to be able to dial the numbers. Some of my friends were really successful, but not me. The device does not have voice control to make life easy, so you might need to have multiple entries for contacts so that wherever you click on the screen, the call goes to the same person. Even receiving  a call can be a pain, because there is no guarantee you will be able to unlock the screen before the guy on the other end gets frustrated and hangs up. But there is good call clarity when you do get connected.

The watch is not all that smart since it cannot add more apps. You can, however, use what it already has — a media player, mail, SMS, contacts and a couple of games. Technically, it is as smart as the first touchscreen phones that came half a decade ago. Some of the stuff depends on getting a Bluetooth connection running with a smarter device. I tried two different smartphones, both of which could not find this watch. So, that was abandoned midway. I tried the mail and while there were no issues logging in, I leave it to your imagination how easy it would be read mails on a screen this big. The media player works fine if you have music in the internal storage. After that you take the call how you want to play it — through the watch or using a Bluetooth device. The battery can last up to four days with average use, thanks to the fact that the screen is off most of the time.

Verdict: In my book the  Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 is a “watch phone” that reminds me of the mid-1980s. Buy this if you want to impress kids in a schools or girls in a college, but not to tout yourself as a geek. Geeks will take a time machine rather than be caught dead with this timepiece. The best thing about the watch is its Rs. 3,999 price tag which makes this a good toy to buy for your teenager.

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  1. S
    Spicy Man
    Jun 13, 2015 at 6:20 pm
    "Appendages we will soon forget?" Which appendage have you forgotten? Lol. This is not even a review. Stop masquerading as a technologist, or a reviewer, or a geek, or someone who owned a watch in the 1980s, and please go back to your old job whatever it was.
    1. A
      Nov 18, 2014 at 4:01 am
      I can't imagine this review is on Indian Express. He said the LED and Camera not accessible . lol I use this phone as basic and emergency wrist phone and yes it takes some time to get habitual of dial pad. But obviously the guy in review did not spend enough time and may be had deadline to post this review!! review
      1. K
        Oct 23, 2014 at 4:52 pm
        Dumbest review ever. Contains no info on what OS this device runs on, the processor, ram used, if it runs on android wear, or regular android 4.x, nothing on the useful stuff. To top it all, it reminds this sad looser of his 1980's. He must have spent his 1980's being delusional - people did not have mobile phones back then you !!. Stop pretending to be a techie and get a job that your bird brain can comprehend. Good job e on the new venture. It would be sad to see if this was an Android 4.x customization(which i think it is) as it doesn't make any sense when google already has android wear for all the wearable tech. The chinese already have so many products in this segment. Would love to see a desi product that runs on proper android wear.
        1. A
          Anurag Pandey
          Sep 4, 2014 at 10:18 am
          Its completely wastage of money because of battery and features as in the same price range one would easily get Smartphones having Kitkat OS even from e only the e smart flo Mi-359 in Rs. 3600 only, the smatphones are usually used for getting notifications from social and chat apps and if the watch phone lacks in it, then how it can be called useful even it not supports Facebook, what to say further.Although, I have seen a benefit of it which is using as a back up phone when your smartphone battery get exhausted completely, but for receiving and making calls only and nothing more than that...
          1. D
            Aug 27, 2014 at 6:55 pm
            you should have checked the manuals. do your homework. camera works perfectly find from this device itself. if you could not find the menu option to start camera, does not mean its not there.
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