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Review Bose SoundTouch Portable: Playing Internet radio has never been this easy

The SoundTouch Portable, in fact the entire series, looks a lot like the SoundDock devices from Bose.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Bose SoundTouch Portable Bose SoundTouch is available in three different models.
Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Updated: January 21, 2014 11:57 am

I have come to expect from Bose. But I cannot say the same with all the stations that I played. I often felt that the device was too good for some of the stations. So I suggest you be choosy while picking stations as presets.
Once the device has been set up, it is as easy as clicking any preset buttons to play the stations of your choice. However, this will depend on your Wi-Fi network and Internet connectivity also. I felt frustrated a couple of times when the device failed to play only to realise that my service provider had ditched me at the moment I was ready for some quality music. The other small issue I had was the fact that the SoundTouch app does not let you add any Internet radio station you want to. Having been a fan of this medium for long, I have a few favourites. But they failed to show up in the searches. Plus, I could not find channels for Malayalam music, of which I know there are lot on the Net. Hopefully, the SoundTouch app will keep adding more channels soon. The Portable version is not all that loud. So if you have large rooms then maybe look for the SoundTouch 30 which is larger and louder.

Should You Buy It? Definitely, if you are 1) a fan of Internet radio and would love to hear random songs; 2) have a good Wi-Fi network and a good Internet connection to power it and 3) can afford it. At Rs 32,513, the SoundTouch Portable is not all that expensive, especially since there are no other devices that making playing Internet stations so easy.

Price Rs 32,513
Rating: 4

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