Microsoft announces October 26 Surface and Windows 10 event

Microsoft's October 26 event could see the future of Windows 10 on a Surface branded All-in-One device

By: Tech Desk | Published: October 8, 2016 6:12:00 pm
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Microsoft’s next big event is happening on October 26 and in all likelihood, the Redmond-based software maker has few hardware devices to show off. For Microsoft, October has always been about Surface branded hardware. Last year, Microsoft stunned the world by announcing Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

However, it seems like a quite event this time around. According to ZDNet, Microsoft’s October 26 will be more about Windows 10 and less about Surface hardware. The focus is reportedly around Windows 10 Redstone 2 update and Microsoft is reported to showcase third party OEM products.

Microsoft is widely rumoured to announce Surface All-in-One type device at this event. There are reports indicating Microsoft’s plan to announce a new type of Surface keyboard and mouse at this event. With Intel’s seventh gen Core i processors hitting notebooks, Microsoft would use the stage to demonstrate partner products – especially at a time when PC sales are going down globally.

One thing is certainly sure – Microsoft won’t be launching a new fitness band and there are also no likelihood of Surface branded smartphone. Lately, Microsoft has taken great deal of time to unify Windows 10 across platforms and recently delivered Project Centennial – which acts as a bridge between traditional Windows program and Windows Store apps.

Microsoft is currently two major software updates under Redstone 2, likely to be available next year. The Verge reports Microsoft will also showcase some cross platform gaming strategy tying Xbox deeper into Windows 10 at this event. Microsoft also doesn’t seem to be in a mood to refresh Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book with new Intel Kaby Lake processors. According to The Verge, Microsoft won’t be refreshing existing Surface devices and will showcase OEM products instead.

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If you are invested on Microsoft’s Windows 10 ecosystem or invested on Forza Motorsport then this event might set the future of both the platform – which are technically becoming one. Microsoft’s event is scheduled for October 26 at 10 AM Eastern time and do stay tuned for more updates just ahead of the launch.

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