Intel announces Falcon 8+ drone with autopilot for aerial-sensing

Intel is accelerating its efforts to develop new drone technologies for drone enthusiasts, developers and global businesses

By: Tech Desk | Updated: October 14, 2016 1:48:19 pm
Intel, Intel drones, intel falcon 8, intel falcon 8+, drones, commercial drones, personal drones, UAV, commercial UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle, intel realsense, intel aero platform, astect trinity autopilot, aerial sensing, technology, technology news Intel has announced the launch of the Falcon 8+ drone for North America, and will be the first drone to carry Intel’s name on it

Intel has announced the company’s first consumer drone, the Yuneec Typhoon H that features Intel’s RealSense technology that allows for obstacle navigation. The drone also comes with Intel’s Aero Platform to allow developers to build their own drones from the ground up.  For commercial usage, the company has introduced the Falcon 8+ UAV for North American commercial markets. Intel has been working hard to create innovative technologies for the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) market in the commercial space.

Intel’s AscTec Falcon 8 is already available for commercial users in the European market. “The Falcon 8 offers the best performance and weight-to-payload ratio in the entire market; the highest stability in harsh conditions; easily exchangeable and deeply integrated payloads; best-in-class safety, including unmatched robustness against magnetic field disturbances; high-precision GPS; and one of the world’s largest drone reseller and support networks to properly support your drone business and daily operations,” said senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s New Technology Group, Josh Walden.

Intel has announced the launch of the Falcon 8+ drone for North America, which includes advanced features like ‘Intel Cockpit for ground control’ and a powerpack. “The Intel Falcon 8+ is our first Intel-branded commercial drone,” Walden added.

With the new Falcon 8+, Intel plans to bring full electronic system redundancy along with automated aerial-sensing. The system will also incorporate the triple-redundant AscTec Trinity autopilot.

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Falcon 8+ is designed to send detailed images back to the controller, providing valuable aerial precision data. Intel plans to position itself in a comfortable position in the growing drone ecosystem.

Interestingly Intel’s Falcon 8 and Falcon 8+ devices have not yet been authorised by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which is required in the US. So until that happens, Intel can’t really sell these or offer these for lease. Both these drones from Intel are geared for commercial space.

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