Have you tried using a gaming mouse in the office? Well, I did with the Trriger T-32

Trriger T-32 is a decent gaming mouse. Not many buttons, but quite affordable.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Updated: February 14, 2014 4:19:06 pm
Trriger T32 gaming mouse is priced at Rs 1,500 Trriger T32 gaming mouse is priced at Rs 1,500

Over the past few years I have used and reviewed quite a few gaming mouses, even though I am not a great gaming enthusiast. Though I have always loved the comfort of these large mouses, their price tags have put me off purchasing one for myself. So when I got to review the new  Trriger gaming mouse T-32, which has a more affordable Rs 1,500 price tag, I struck on the wonderful idea of trying to use it in the office. Here are the results:

I usually spent over 12 hours in front of the computer and along with affecting my eyesight, it has also given me multiple bouts of carpal tunnel syndrome that leads to severe pain in the wrist. This is why the comfort and easy hand resting posture of a gaming mouse has always appealed to me.

The T-32 is a bit big, but then it gives a good groove to rest the thumb. Just next to the thumb are the back and next buttons. The left and right click buttons too have curves that ease your fingers into place. There is a roller between the two to make page scrolls easy. Just behind is a button to change the DPI.

The mouse is smooth and responsive. It also moves easily on any surface. But this means that for anyone using the mouse for long hours, you don’t get tired pushing the cursor more than needed. There is a gaming pad that comes in the box in case you want to use if for traditional gaming.

In an office environment, where you are browsing through a lot of web pages, the back and next buttons are a boon. The only problem is that you have to remember to use them at the right time. The roller is also great when you are going through large excel sheets or reading a rather long articles.

For full-fledged gamers, the T-32 might not seem that impressive as it has just five customisable keys. In contrast, something like the Vengeance M90 has 15. But then, not everyone wants an M90, nor is everyone willing to spend that much just to score better in a game.

We suggest this gaming mouse for those who are halfway between an amateur and an avid gamer. And since this doesn’t cost all that much, we suggest you try this for things beyond gaming.

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