Harman Kardon Nova: Performance to match its looks

The Harman Kardon Nova delivers all the power you need for a powerful home audio system.

Harman Kardon Nova Nova offers clear, powerful sound in a gorgeous, globular package.
Written by Sudhir Chowdhary | New Delhi | Published on:August 7, 2014 2:26 pm

The days of massive, wood-cabinet speakers are over. People these days prefer compact and portable speakers which deliver clear and loud sound. If they have Bluetooth capability, even better. After all, when it comes to the speaker market, it’s not just about sound anymore; it’s about style. As good-sounding as they might be, plain floor speakers in rectangular cabinets don’t seem to cut it anymore. So, audio companies are increasingly forging creative designs that contribute to a larger overall aesthetic.

For evidence, take a look at the Nova wireless stereo speaker system from Harman Kardon. A visually appealing desktop speaker pair that delivers audio performance to match its looks. The twin speakers have been molded from globes of dense, translucent plastic. They will fit into any room and onto any surface. What’s more, they will blow your mind, not your budget; the Nova is not frightfully expensive and carries a modest price tag of Rs. 24,990.

At first look, it becomes evident that this speaker pair has been designed for beauty and performance, with attention to the smallest details of acoustics and materials. From the seamless, see-through enclosure that exposes the turbine housing for the woofers and drivers, to the custom tuned DSP (digital signal processing), every detail of the Harman Kardon Nova will attract your attention.

We got the Nova speaker duo for a review. In the box, I received the speaker pair, an AC adaptor and a 3.5 mm connector cable, plus a quick-start guide. It is an incredibly sophisticated sound machine, which is easy to set up and is not heavy at all. As compatible as it is captivating, the Nova adapts easily to nearly any audio system, and offers both analog and optical connections as well as wireless Bluetooth with NFC, so that you can play music from any device in your home. Be it laptop, mobile phone or an MP3 player, music lovers will enjoy the smooth, clean sound from these speakers.

Closer scrutiny reveals that the right-hand speaker hosts all of the inputs, which include a 3.5 mm jack, an optical digital connection, and Bluetooth wireless pairing via NFC. Touch-capacitive buttons run along the speaker’s rubberised border, including one for power, bass boost, and source/pairing. There’s also a volume band across the top, which can be controlled by swiping your finger. Volume is directly linked to a mobile device when paired via Bluetooth. All of the buttons are backlit  with LEDs, which glow bright white when power is engaged.

At 80 watts of power, the Harman Kardon Nova delivers all the power you need for a powerful home audio system. With a Bass Boost function and a generous enclosure, the Nova offers all the size and features for full fidelity performance. Technical speak, performance-tuned 2.5-inch drivers and 1.25-inch tweeters produce a richer listening experience. As a customised acoustic package, the Nova delivers clarity from the highest treble …continued »

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