Apple macOS Sierra: Siri to continuity, top features to know

Apple macOS Sierra stands out for its Siri integration and new tabbed interface

By: Tech Desk | Published:September 6, 2016 7:11 pm
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At WWDC, Apple’s iOS 10 proved that it is still the best mobile operating system. Apple left no page unturned to make it better than iOS 9 but its desktop counterpart, OS X gained its own set of excellent features.

Firstly, Apple is streamlining its desktop and mobile OS into a more connected ecosystem. Apple is also renaming OS X to macOS, which brings it in-line with iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Apple macOS Sierra’s biggest addition is company’s virtual assistant, Siri. With Siri on Mac, users need not keep looking for files on spotlight. It is as simple as you ask Siri and get the file. Siri, which has been opened to third party developers, will now be able to offer more assistance than before.

With macOS Sierra, Apple’s desktop OS now allows users to have their desktop and documents across all macOS and iOS devices. There is even option to copy paste stuff from one to the other. The feature will be extremely useful to those invested in the Apple ecosystem. With universal clipboard, Apple continues improving its dream on continuity among its devices.

Another big improvement with macOS Sierra is the concept of tabs. With Sierra, every app will run as tabbed interface. Users can have multiple apps of different apps, which should ensure better multitasking and productivity.

With macOS Sierra, users can pay for things with Apple Play from their browser. The authentication is done with the help of iPhone’s touch ID. There is also PIP mode, optimised storage and auto unlock features.