Wimbledon 2017, Day 7: Nadal loses to Muller 13-15 in the fifth set; Federer, Murray, Halep, Cilic, Konta, CoCo, Kuznetsova, Ostapaneko, Rybarikova, Muguruza, Venus through to quarterfinals

Wimbledon 2017: The biggest result of the day were without an argument Angelique Kerber's defeat to Garbine Muguruza and to round play off, Rafael Nadal's marathon effort against Gilles Muller that went to 15-13.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 11, 2017 1:21 am
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It was Manic Monday – the biggest day in the Championship with the Wimbledon 2017 at its halfway stage. The ‘big four’ – Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray all taking court but in the end three of them took court and the one of them exited. Federer and Murray cruised in straight set victories while Nadal was pushed all along by Giles Muller who beat him 15-13 in the fifth set. In the women’s side, top ranked Angelique Kerber was sent out by 2015 finalist Garbine Muguruza with wins elsewhere for Venus Williams and Johanna Konta.

Wimbledon 2017, Score and Updates, Day 7:

0105 hrs IST: Meanwhile Novak Djokovic vs Adrian Mannarino has been pushed to tomorrow which means he will be playing two days in a row should he win. Thank you for staying with us on this incredible day at the All England Championships. Until tomorrow, Day 8, good bye!

0105 hrs IST: This is Muller’s first Wimbledon quarterfinal and with the fourth round exit, Nadal is out of contention for World No 1

0055 hrs IST: Nadal serving once again to stay in it. Muller with a high punched volley and it is 0-30 after 4 hrs 46 mins. Muller sends his backhand long and it is 15-30. Nadal with a mishit on the forehand and it is 15-40. Fifth match point for Muller. It has been 90 mins since the first match point came Muller’s way. Nadal sends his forehand long and MULLER WINS! Two-time champion Nadal exits once again before reaching the quarters. Muller wins 6-3, 6-4, 3-6, 4-6, 15-13!

0045 hrs IST: Chair umpire stops the Mexican Wave by saying, “Thank you! You can continue at the change of ends!” Hah. Meanwhile Muller holds serve to love and he leads 13-12.

0040 hrs IST: Muller with a gorgeous return on the serve and Nadal can do nothing about that forehand cross court winner. 15-15. Muller takes the momentum and advantage with another strong forehand winner. 15-30. Ace. Muller challenges but it is in and he is down to two challenges. 30-30. Another lovely serve which took off on the bounce and that is 23 aces for Rafa (his career best in a match). 40-30. Muller sends the return wide. 12-12. Challenges reset and both players now have 3 challenges each

0040 hrs IST: Talk about nerves of steel!


0036 hrs IST: Muller’s serve under a little bit of pressure but at 15-30, Nadal’s return of serve hits the tape and the Spaniard knows it was very close. But the Luxembourg player comes back with two cleverly played points to hold serve. 12-11!

0032 hrs IST: Nadal serving at 10-11 in the fifth set but apparently a reflection affecting his eyeline. The chair umpire has asked people to stand to avoid the reflection of the sun! Haven’t seen that before! On to the court and Muller forces Nadal into an error and the pressure is back on. 0-30. Muller tries to go for a sliced drop shot and he knows that was a bad shot to play. Lovely serve down the tee and Muller’s reply sails long. 30-30. Another deep forehand return and Muller’s sliced effort is into the net. 40-30. Another good serve and Muller sends the return long. 11-11!

0028 hrs IST: Muller with a hold of serve and he continues to display nerves of steel to hold game after game. Only has two titles in a 17-year career and it barely looks like it

0016 hrs IST: Nadal serving at 9-10. The Spaniard sends his forehand wide. 0-15. Muller tries to lob Nadal but Spaniard gets the racket to it for a smash but it sent narrowly wide. 0-30. Strong serve and the short reply is hit for a backhand winner. 15-30. Nadal with a brave forehand cross court winner to make it 30-30. Muller’s forehand finds the edge of the baseline and third match point for Muller. Lovely point construction by Nadal to force Muller into a high return which Rafa moves into for a volley winner. Deuce. Muller’s serve response hits the top of the net and falls kindly for Nadal to hit a winner. Muller brings the game back to deuce with a remarkable volley from behind him. Deuce. Nadal slips while fetching the ball and it creates the room for Muller for a simple volley. Fourth match point. Second serve. Muller with a mishit on the forehand side and it goes long. Muller tries to go for an ambitious (cheeky?) drop shot but finds the net. Rafa is a beast and this game provides an exhibit to it. Marvelous drop shot on a half-volley! Holds! 10-10!

0005 hrs IST: Nadal with a comfortable hold to make it 9-9 in the fifth set. Muller serving to keep his advantage going. Nadal with a gorgeous winner on the serve and it is 15-15. Follows it up with a nicely directed serve that goes long. Followed by another. 40-15. Nadal with lovely movement to force Muller into an error. Deuce. Nadal with a slice backhand that undoes Muller and he sends his shot at the net long. Second BP of the set for Rafa. Sweet reply on the serve but the approach shot is not good enough with Muller hitting a winner. Nadal’s backhand return on Muller’s serve is in. Wind keeping it in as Muller let it pass. The second BP of the game also goes to waste as Nadal’s desperate backhand goes long. Muller misses a simple forehand and after four hours, Nadal has third BP of the game. Nadal misses yet another chance to break as his forehand goes long. Looked over excited there for a moment. Deuce. Muller’s drop volley is not good enough to challenge Nadal’s electric legs, whips out a forehand winner past Muller. Another BP, the fourth this game. Linesman calls it long but chair umpire says in. Nadal chooses to challenge and it is indeed in. First serve and Nadal without any challenges now. Ace. What timing to get your serve bang on. 5th Deuce. Short return by Rafa on the Muller serve and it is smacked for a forehand winner. The game nearing 9 minutes… Ace down the tee and Muller holds serve!

0001 hrs IST: Last year’s finalist Milos Raonic beats Alexander Zverev 4-6, 7-5, 4-6, 7-5, 6-1 in 3 hours and 23 minutes. He will now take on Roger Federer in the quarters. Last year the Canadian had beaten Federer in the semis but this time it is Raonic who comes into the match having played a marathon match

2359 hrs IST: Worth keeping in mind that Djokovic vs Mannarino follows this Nadal vs Muller marathon. Why not move it to Center? Meanwhile, Muller has sent his forehand wide and the game is down to deuce at 8-8. Strong serve by Muller and the high response is dispatched for a volley winner. And then an ace out wide. Muller leads 9-8

2353 hrs IST: Muller once again holds serve at 40-30 and Nadal once again will serve with the back against the wall to keep himself alive. Muller pushes Nadal all around and then pushes a high volley into an open court. 0-15. But doesn’t get the right contact on the second point. 15-15. Nadal with plenty of spin on his backhand reply and Muller sends the forehand long. It was there to be hit for a winner. 30-15. Strong service job by Nadal to force Muller into an uncomfortable reply which goes wide. And then Muller sends his return long. 8-8!

2344 hrs IST: Nadal serving at 6-7. Tries to go for a forehand winner cross court but hits the top of the tape. 0-15. Muller tries to flick the backhand, full of spin, behind Nadal who approaches the net but doesn’t get the elevation and it is 15-15. Nadal with another thundering ace – his 20th at 119 mph – to make it 30-15. Missing the serve out wide for the second time on the ad court. Muller with a nice little dink forehand winner. 30-30. Huge serve and then smash by Nadal to bring up game point. Another superb serve and Muller sends the return long. 7-7

2339 hrs IST: From 40-15 up, Muller’s serve comes under pressure as Nadal pulls it to deuce. But the spin-filled serve down the center is hit long by Rafa. Muller tries to find the line but hits the top of the net. Back to deuce. Muller tries to go for a bit too much on the forehand but sends it long. Break point for Nadal. Massive serve follows and it is back to deuce. Nadal with a high return to a low placed volley from Muller and smacked into open court. Game point Muller and it is converted with yet another strong serve. Muller up 7-6

2332 hrs IST: Muller too with nerves of steel to hold his serve including the game-winning drop volley. Lovely stuff. Nadal once again serving to stay in it. This time, though, he has started the defence better. Has Muller scrambling and up 30-15. But the Luxembourg player also has Nadal stretching to make it 30-30 with the Spaniard sending the forehand into the net. Beautiful stuff from Nadal to create an open court for himself and the volley is hit into open court. Game point, 40-30. And Muller nets it. 6-6!

2323 hrs IST: Nadal serving to stay in the Championships at 4-5. Starts by sending his forehand wide. 0-15. Then tries to go for a running forehand winner pass but hits the net after Muller with a deep approach shot. 0-30. Muller tries to dink but it is wide. 15-30. OUCH. Double fault by Rafa and two match points for Muller. 15-40. Ace down the tee by Rafa. 116 mph. 30-40. Muller sends his return into the net. Deuce. VERY NERVOUS MOMENTS! Another big serve and Muller sends the return wide. Advantage. Another ace down the tee. HUGE YELLS OF CMON BY RAFA!

2314 hrs IST: Federer serving for the match and a 12th straight QF place at Wimbledon. Dimitrov sends his backhand wide. 15-0. Another error on the backhand side and that makes it 30-0. Good serve and volley play by Roger. Return is up high and thumped for a winner. 40-0. Three match points. Volley error by Federer. 40-15. Dimitrov’s forehand chipped shot is long and Federer wins! 6-4, 6-2, 6-4

2302 hrs IST: Things very, very even between Nadal and Muller. 2 sets all and 2 games all. Federer, meanwhile, has an important break of serve in the third set (4-3) vs Dimitrov and he’s already two sets to love up against ‘Baby Fed’

2302 hrs IST: 2010 finalist Tomas Berdych beats Dominic Thiem 6-3, 6-7, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 to reach the quarterfinals for eighth straight year

2255 hrs IST: It is 1-1 in the fifth set and so far no breaks between Nadal and Muller. Nadal served first…


2242 hrs IST: Nadal serving for the fourth set. Two lovely volleys and it is 30-0. He is good at the net and equally good from the back. A thumping backhand winner down the line and it brings up three set points. Muller sends his backhand long and Nadal takes the fourth set 6-4!! TWO SETS ALL!

2228 hrs IST: Live scores elsewhere: Berdych and Thiem are in the fifth set where the Czech players leads 2-0. Raonic and Zverev are one set apiece and 3-3 in the third. Federer in usual cruise mode having won the first set 6-4 and 2-2 in the second

2226 hrs IST: BREAK! Nadal breaks Muller and he takes a 3-2 lead in the fourth set. This has been a great contest and continues to remain a tough contest for both players. Rafa finally getting some understanding of the Muller serve

2158 hrs IST: Nadal serving for the match at 5-3. Starts off with an ace. Last service game lasted all of a minute. Second point also an ace. 30-0. Muller tries to go down the line but misses by an inch. 40-0 and three set points. A double fault follows – first of the match by Nadal. Mishit by Muller and it hits the line, Nadal smacks it into the net. 40-30. One more set point for Rafa. Good deep service return by Muller but his subsequent shot is into the net. Big CMON from Rafa! He makes it two sets to one. Wins the third set 6-3

2145 hrs IST: Meanwhile live score on other courts: Dimitrov 1-1 Federer, Raonic 4-3 Zverev, Thiem 3-5, 7-6, 2-5 Berdych

2144 hrs IST: Nadal has his serve tested but comes out on top to lead 4-1 in the third set. A stat worth keeping in mind: Nadal has come back to win from two sets down only thrice in his career. Fourth time today?

2139 hrs IST: Nadal with a thumping forehand winner deep into the court and that is the kind of play he needs. Punches the air in celebration, yells out Vamos and the crowd cheers as well. Leads 3-1 in the third set

2122 hrs IST: Muller serving for the second set. Two good serves and he goes 30-0 up. Nadal draws back to make it 30-15 but the Luxembourg player with a forehand winner to bring up two set points. Sends his forehand wide and that is one set point saved by Nadal. Muller stings the depth of the baseline and Nadal fails to get the ball in. Video review confirms it landed in. Muller is up 6-3, 6-4. TROUBLE TROUBLE!

2119 hrs IST: And at the same time, Nadal is broken by Muller to make it 5-4 in the second set. Luxembourg enjoyed luck of the net to bring up the break point and then a sliding backhand is hit tamely by Nadal into the net. Tried to go for a drop shot but didn’t get the timing right

2115 hrs IST: Over on Center Court, Murray is serving for the match and a place in the QF. Starts with a strong serve to make it 15-0. But a poor, half-volley is into the net. Was aimed into his shoelaces. Paire finding the depth of the court but following it up with a poor forehand into the net. 30-15. The Briton with a clean forehand into the corner and the crowd cheers as that brings up two match points. Paire sends his forehand long and that is GAME SET MATCH ANDY MURRAY! He wins it 7-6, 6-4, 6-4

2112 hrs IST: Tough to put into words what just happened between Nadal and Muller. Both players going for the edges and finding the angles, Muller somehow, just somehow plucks out a Nadal smash from almost the wall of the court and then Nadal finds the last centimetre, nay millimetre, of the outside line to win the point on a video review. Imagine a world of no technology! Muller, meanwhile, misses a volley and has two break points to save. Saves one with an ace down the tee and reaches 10 aces in the match. Another chance for Nadal. And another good serve which results in a short response that is hit for a winner. Deuce. Muller comes up to the net but Nadal sends his forehand long. Tried to get the whipped forehand going but too much elevation on it. Muller with strong serving – down the tee – and he holds serve

2058 hrs IST: Kevin Anderson saves four match points to force a deciding fifth against Sam Querrey. 5-7, 7-6, 6-3, 6-7 (11-13!!) the score on Court 18

2044 hrs IST: Meanwhile fortunes of another title contender – Rafa Nadal – not going to plan. Gilles Muller has taken the first set 6-3 over the Spaniard. Will the script go the same way as the 2005 Wimbledon where Muller won?

2037 hrs IST: Benoit Paire sends his backhand long and Murray clenches his fist in celebration. Takes the second set 6-4 and leads by two sets over the Frenchman.

2032 hrs IST: The women’s QF are set:

Muguruza vs Kuznetsova

Rybarikova vs Vandeweghe

Venus vs Ostapenko

Konta vs Halep

2014 hrs IST: Azarenka doesn’t do a good job on her serve. Faces two break points which are two match points for Halep. Saves one to keep the point going despite Halep’s deep returns. Azarenka being pushed all around and she needs to do it at this juncture. Once again Halep goes for a bit too much and her backhand goes long. Reviews it and it is indeed out. Deuce. Loopy and not enough on a short ball by Azarenka and Halep thumps it this time for a forehand winner down the line. Match point once again. Azarenka tries to find the line but she sends it wide. Azarenka’s return to Grand Slams ends in the R16 and Halep wins 7-6, 6-2 in 1 hr and 28 minutes to keep her World No 1 hopes alive

2007 hrs IST: Halep now serving for the match at 5-1. Azarenka not going away without a fight. Makes it 0-30 with strong groundstrokes but Halep makes it 30-30 with two nicely placed serves. Azarenka with a well constructed point but she shanks her forehand into the net. Match point for Halep. Azarenka saves it with a beautifully struck backhand winner down the line. That was some meaty hitting. Deuce. Another big hit by Azarenka, forehand on the serve and little reaction time for Halep. Break point and this time Azarenka gets the job done with soft hands at the net to get the break of serve. 5-2. Determination – something you’ve always associated with Azarenka and it is still there!

1959 hrs IST: Marin Cilic routs Roberto Bautista Agut 6-2, 6-2, 6-2 in an hour and 40 minutes to reach his fourth straight Wimbledon QF. The Croatian to meet the winner of Nadal and Muller

1957 hrs IST: The only other Briton left in the draw – Andy Murray – was down in the first set after an early break to Benoit Paire but the Frenchman let go of the chance to be broken in the eighth game. He then went on to take the tiebreak by dropping a single point

1955 hrs IST: Simona Halep was labouring through in the opening set against Victoria Azarenka. She had dropped her serve twice but the Romanian came back in both instances. Went on to take the tiebreak. But since then, Azarenka’s game was disintegrated and she is 0-3 down and facing prospect of dropping further. She has saved one break point but another presents itself after a forehand sails long. Halep with a backhand into the net and back to Deuce. Halep with beautiful movement to pick up a drop shot and then Azarenka can’t get a backhand back from behind her. BREAK! Halep now in supreme control at 4-0

1951 hrs IST: Johanna Konta beats Caroline Garcia 7-6, 4-6, 6-4 to become the first Briton to reach the QF since Jo Durie in 1984. Garcia with two straight forehand errors – both hitting the net – and Konta moves forward

1935 hrs IST: Big, big win for CoCo Vandeweghe. If no one was noticing earlier, they will now. Beats Caroline Wozniacki 7-6, 6-4. Four matches won and all in straight sets!

1932 hrs IST: Murray gets the break back as Paire sends his forehand into the net while going for a drive down the line. The air punch and loud yell while looking at his box is back! 4-4 in the opening set

1918 hrs IST: On Center Court, Benoit Paire has an early break against Andy Murray and he is trying to keep the momentum going. Serving at 3-2 in the opening set

1917 hrs IST: Once again Azarenka lets go of the break advantage and Halep makes the most of the opportunity. Things back on serve once again on Court 2. 4-3 in favour of the Belorussian

1915 hrs IST: Jo Konta comes back to break Caroline Garcia and make it 5-4 in the second set. Trying to claw her way back into the second having already taken the first. But Garcia with a strong serving game to bring up three set points and she closes it out with nice hands at the net. Smashes into open court to make it a set a piece

1906 hrs IST: Victoria Azarenka starts by breaking Simona Halep early on Court 2. But Halep comes right back as Azarenka sends her backhand long. 2-1 in the opening set. Other women’s matches see Jo Konta leading Caroline Garcia by a set but the Frenchwoman is serving for the second set at 5-2. Meanwhile CoCo Vandeweghe has won the opening set 7-6 against Caroline Wozniacki

1844 hrs IST: No trouble for Venus Williams on Center Court. She cruises past Ana Konjuh who saved three match points. 6-3, 6-2

1835 hrs IST: MUGURUZA IS THROUGH TO THE QUARTERS! Massive, massive ovation as she beats Kerber 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 in 2 hrs and 20 minutes. Loud scream as Kerber fails to hold off her serve and the World No 1 is knocked out. This means we will have a new top ranked woman in the world come Monday!

1829 hrs IST: Venus Williams is in commanding position against Ana Konjuh. The teenager finding it difficult

1826 hrs IST: Big smiles on Court 18 as Magdalena Rybarikova comes through against qualifier Petra Martic 6-4, 2-6, 6-3. The match sealed when Martic sent the ball beyond the baseline. Very gritty job from Rybarikova who is into the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam for the very first time. Congratulations.

1759 hrs IST: Play underway on Center Court, Court 1, Court 3 too. Venus Williams, 37, against Ana Konjuh, 19, is on serve with the Croatian serving at 3-4. On Court 1, Johanna Konta is up a break (4-3) against Caroline Garcia. CoCo Vandeweghe has broken Caroline Wozniacki in the opening game to lead 1-0

1757 hrs IST: Kerber throws her racket away in disgust as Muguruza approaches the net and plays a well struck drive volley to get the break back and bring the third set to a level footing at 2-2.

1752 hrs IST: Ostapenko has let go of seven match points now. 6-6 in the tiebreak between her and Svitolina. But she converts the eighth match point opportunity to beat Svitolina 6-3, 7-6

1744 hrs IST: Muguruza wins the second set 6-4 to force a third set against Kerber. Svitolina and Ostapenko are in the tiebreak. Rybarikova and Martic are on serve in the third serve (2-3).

1736 hrs IST: Kuznetsova also serving for the match. She starts by playing off a lengthy rally with Radwanska which the Pole overpowers her on with her flat strokes. And then a double fault – the first of the match. And now Radwanska has a chance to break and level things. Svetlana saves one with a forehand winner inside out. Radwanska tries to go for a deep return on the serve but it is inches out. Kuznetsova with an ace to bring up match point. And she gets the job done with a thumping backhand winner that kisses the line. Russian is the first player into the quarters: 6-2, 6-4. Her first quarterfinal appearance at Wimbledon since 2007!

1729 hrs IST: Kuznetsova has the break in the second set now. She leads 4-3 against Radwanska. Has a chance to consolidate that advantage now. And she does to make it 5-3. Meanwhile, Ostapenko served for the match but after coming from a point of closing it out, Svitolina has broken her back to make it 4-5 in the second set. Five match points wasted and broken with a double fault. NO!

1726 hrs IST: Qualifier Petra Martic has raced through the second set 6-2 to level her match against Magdalena Rybarikova. Martic who was on the cusp of top-40 five years ago had to battle fitness and back injury concerns to get here. She spent 10 months out due to a back injury prior to the French Open. Her ranking in April stood at World No 662. She will be making serious inroads on Monday’s update but she would prefer a trophy with it, we believe!

1721 hrs IST: In boy’s singles, SIDDHANT BANTHIA crashes out in the first round to France’s MATTEO MARTINEAU. He led 6-3 before losing the second and third sets 2-6 and 5-7

1716 hrs IST: On Court 3, Radwanska’s early break of serve has been cancelled out by Kuznetsova. The Russian leads 3-2 in the second set at the moment. Martic is up 5-2 and moving towards forcing a third set. Ostapenko breaks Svitolina to lead 4-2

1714 hrs IST: Break point opportunity for Kerber in the fifth game. Muguruza serving at 30-40. Nice rally from the back before Kerber hits a drop shot that has Garbine at the net but Kerber fails to find the line and sends her forehand long. Deuce. Lovely hands by Muguruza at the net to handle low volleys and brings up game point. Follows it up with another confident shot to hold serve and keep things on serve

1653 hrs IST: Kerber with a smash into open court and she takes the opening set 6-4 against Muguruza

1652 hrs IST: Meanwhile Magdalena Rybarikova has taken the opening set 6-4 over Petra Martic on Court 18.

1648 hrs IST: Two break point opportunities for Kerber. An errant forehand by Muguruza to make it 15-30 and then another to make it 15-40. Both equally poor shots on the forehand side and both landing into the tramlines. And Kerber breaks in the ninth game! This time it is the backhand that fails her. Tries to find the outside of the line but misses by inches. Kerber leads 5-4

1646 hrs IST: Staying with serve between Kerber and Muguruza despite the German’s breathtaking defensive skills – including picking one back from behind her and forcing Muguruza into more shots but the Spaniard also displaying nerves of steel with a low smash from the service line. 4-4. Meanwhile Ostapenko has taken the opening set 6-3 against Elina Svitolina

1641 hrs IST: Kuznetsova wins the opening set with ease against Radwanska. The Russian takes it 6-2 in 33 minutes

1635 hrs IST: Things staying on serve between Muguruza and Kerber. 3-3 and now to deuce on Muguruza’s serve. But the Spaniard holds serve after being pushed. This is reaching nervous levels already and Conchita Martinez – Spain’s Fed Cup and Davis Cup captain – feels it too. A time violation warning for Muguruza for taking over 20 seconds between points. The rule will obviously be extended to 25 seconds from next year and a stop clock will be in play at the US Open

1630 hrs IST: Kerber and Muguruza are on serve at 2-2 in the opening set while Kuznetsova is bulldozing past Radwanska to lead 4-0. Radwanska didn’t start well in the third round and the same now

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