US Open 2016, Day 10: Stan Wawrinka, Kei Nishikori, Serena Williams, Pliskova enter semis

Stan Wawrinka beats Del Potro 7-6 4-6 6-3 6-2, enters men's singles semi-final.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: September 9, 2016 4:02 am
Stan Wawrinka beat Del Potro in the quarters. (Source: Reuters)

Swiss third seed Stan Wawrinka outlasted tiring former champion Juan Martin del Potro in four sets to advance to the semi-finals of the U.S. Open on Wednesday. Twice grand slam winner Wawrinka ended the rousing comeback effort by the Argentine at Flushing Meadows with a 7-6(5) 4-6 6-3 6-2 win to close out Day 10 at the year’s last grand slam. In other results, Andy Murray was beaten by Kei Nishikori, Serena Williams beat Simona Halep and  Karolina Pliskova eased past Ana Konjuh.

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 201610:52 am

Wawrinka beats Del Potro 7-6 4-6 6-3 6-2, enters men’s singles semi-final. Stan applauds as Del Potro walks out after another gutsy performance

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 201610:40 am

Del Potro gets on the board in the fourth set with a hold. But ball remains in Wawrinka’s court as he serves for 5-1 lead

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 201610:36 am

Finish line in sight for Stan now as he holds serve to make it 4-0 in the fourth set

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 201610:33 am

It’s 1 am local time and both players are looking tired. It’s 3-0 in Wawrinka’s favour in the fourth, and the Swiss is now on serve

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 201610:28 am

The Swiss consolidates the early break with a hold. Takes a 2-0 lead and we have fresh set of balls

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 201610:22 am

Wawrinka with the early break as Del Potro drops the first game of the fourth set

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 201610:19 am

Ice towels, change of gear, plenty of fluids as the players get ready for the fourth set. Match duration is approaching the three-hour mark

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 201610:14 am

Wawrinka takes the second set 6-3, and leads Del Potro 2-1 in the quarters

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 201610:09 am

Big serve, charges the net and fires the overhead winner. Wawrinka with a nice combination. Two points away from winning the set

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 201610:07 am

Wawrinka with the break point, and he CONVERTS! Del Potro outsmarted by his opponent, who gestures after winning the point. The Swiss to now serve for the set

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 201610:05 am

Wawrinka has earned a couple of break points but Del Potro doing well to hang in there on serve. Big game going on at the moment. No player would like to miss here

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20169:52 am

A comfortable serving game levels proceedings in the third set. 3-3, and the same question, who breaks first?

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20169:48 am

The third set is very crucial. A 1-2 scoreline is not ideal going into the fourth, for any player

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20169:39 am

Set of new balls early in the third set. Both players hold their serve to make it 1-1

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20169:30 am

The only break from Del Potro enough as he takes the second set against Wawrinka 6-4. Wawrinka make him work hard to hold serve but the Swiss unable to find the break

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20169:19 am

Wawrinka holds without dropping a point and now Del Potro has a chance to seal the second set on serve

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20169:16 am

The hold puts Del Potro a game away from taking the second set against Wawrinka. The Swiss needs to find a break, and find it now, to make the set interesting

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20169:12 am

On serve now, Del Potro would look to consolidate the break to gain an upper-hand in the second set

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20169:12 am

Like the first set, Del Potro finds the early break. Moves 4-3 up in second set

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20169:05 am

The holds continue. Unlike the first set, no early break and it’s 3-3

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:57 am

Wawrinka has been serving well, and serving big, in the second set. Showing Del Potro who’s the man!

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:56 am

Another hold, and it now becomes 2-2. It’s very humid at the moment and both players are sweating, sweating a lot in the middle

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:51 am

The holds continue as the second set as Wawrinka leads Del Potro 2-1. This match, it seems, will go the distance

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:38 am

Both players change their T-shirts, wipe off the excess sweat and take their mark for the second set

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:36 am

His return finds the net, Del Potro can’t believe it as he loses the first 6-7 against Wawrinka

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:35 am

Magical! Facing a set point, Del Potro with a sensational return to make it 5-6 against Wawrinka

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:33 am

Del Potro to serve at 3-5 now. Needs to serve well here to stay alive in the tie-break

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:30 am

Wawrinka takes a 3-0 lead in the tie-break and Del Potro under pressure, for the first time in the match

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:26 am

Wawrinka’s comfortable hold takes the first set into tie-break

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:24 am

Del Potro noses ahead with the hold but Wawrinka again has a chance to level on his serve

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:20 am

Wawrinka holds, stays alive. And it’s 5-5 in a gripping first set of the men’s singles quarters

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:16 am

Wawrinka will now serve to stay alive in the first set

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:15 am

Del Potro with another hold, wins at love and moves into 5-4 lead

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:13 am

It’s all level now! Wawrinka follows the break with a hold and it’s 4-4 in the opening set

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:07 am

And, he converts the second as Del Potro’s backhand slice finds the net. Wawrinka trails 3-4, but will be on serve now

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:06 am

Wawrinka gets what he badly wanted at this stage – two break points

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20168:04 am

Wawrinka holds…but he needs to break back. Del Potro is cruising at the moment

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20167:58 am

Del Potro on a roll at the moment. He holds serve again, and doesn’t drop a point. Takes a healthy 4-1 lead

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20167:55 am

Clinical hold by Wawrinka. Much needed for the Swiss! He still trails Del Potro 1-3

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20167:53 am

A service break and two holds put Del Potro 3-0 up in first set against Wawrinka

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20167:50 am

Del Potro should look to make most of the early break and open up a big lead over Wawrinka in the first set

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20167:47 am

Juan Martin Del Potro with the early break, he moves 2-0 ahead. Pressure on Wawrinka, early in match

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20167:43 am

Del Potro starts with a hold to go 1-0 up in the first set against Wawrinka

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20167:39 am

The men’s singles quarters between Del Potro and Wawrinka gets underway. Del Potro to commence proceedings

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20167:13 am

Don’t go anywhere. Next up is Juan Martin Del Potro vs Stan Wawrinka

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20167:10 am

Serena Williams through to the semis with 6-2 4-6 6-3 win over Simona Halep

Sahil Malhotra September 8, 20167:08 am

40-0 and Serena now has three match points

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20167:06 am

Strange game by Serena as she fails to win a point on Halep’s serve. Still 3-5 in her favour and she will now serve for a spot in the semis

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20167:03 am

Serena holds, leads 5-2 now. A game away from entering the Semis

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20167:01 am

Halep holds on with a hold but she needs a break, and she needs it now to stay alive in the contest

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:56 am

Serena is running away with the set. Follows the break with the hold to make it 4-1

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:52 am

Serena finds the early break! She now leads Halep 3-1 in the deciding set

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:49 am

Serena with another hold, another clinical hold, and she is into the lead – 2-1 up in the third set

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:44 am

Halep holds! And it’s 1-1 in the deciding set of the women’s singles quarters

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:41 am

Serena Williams saves two break points, plays a clinical drop from near the net to seal the opening game of the third set. There was a little scare early in the game, but she showed her class with the winners

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:35 am

Serena has a 7-1 head-to-head advantage over Halep in previous meetings but it could well change if Halep continues to play the way she did in the second

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:33 am

Serena’s return is long and Halep seals the second set 6-4 to take the match into the decider

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:32 am

This is possibly the game of the US Open so far. Both Serena and Halep not willing to give up. Continue to match each other with impressive play. And, we are back to 40-40

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:31 am

Simona Halep fights back again to make it deuce but another forehand down the line by Serena puts her up in the game

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:30 am

Powerful forehand by Serena catches Halep wrong-foot, and another break point for the top seed

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:29 am

Serena nearly had it there. Moved her opponent well with the returns but her possible backhand winner is wide, and we are back to 40-40

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:27 am

Serena charges the net, outsmarts her opponent with the return. Back to 40-40 on Halep’s serve

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:26 am

Deuce no.3 as Halep finds a way to save the break point

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:26 am

Serena fails to convert the previous opportunity but a long lob from Halep gives the top seed another opportunity to break serve

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:23 am

Halep’s cross court forehand is wide and Serena earns a very very important break point in the second set

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:22 am

30-15, and Serena is off to a good start in Halep’s serving game

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:21 am

Crucial game for both Serena and Halep. Hold takes the match into the third set while a break would allow Serena to have a chance of sealing the match in the second itself

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:18 am

Serena stays alive! Holds to make it 4-5 in the second set against Halep

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:17 am

Halep is furious with herself! Misses a break opportunity then fails to beat a charging Serena. The cross-court return is wide and it’s advantage Serena now

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:14 am

Hold by Halep and she’s just a game away from forcing the quarter-final into the deciding third set

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:08 am

A clinical hold by Serena makes it 3-4 in the second set. Halep still a break up and a hold here will put her a game away from sealing the set

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:07 am

Second set not ideal for Serena so far as Halep continues to dictate play. She is moving the ball better than Serena and is 4-2 up

sahilmalhotra1 September 8, 20166:06 am

Serena Williams wins the first set against Simona Halep 6-2. Dominating play by the top seed

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:47 am

Plenty of fantastic action to begin in some time with Serena Williams taking on Simona Halep and Juan Martin Del Potro against Stan Wawrinka

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:38 am

Murray’s stretched backhand return is into the net and GAME, SET, MATCH NISHIKORI! 1-6, 6-4, 4-6, 6-1, 7-5

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:36 am

Murray sends his shot into the net and 30-15

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:35 am

Murray’s backhand slice sails long and it is 15-15

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:35 am

Nishikori starts with a double fault. 0-15

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:33 am

Nishikori’s drop shot is picked up by Murray but the outstretched volley by the Japanese lands in! BREAK! Nishikori will serve for the match at 6-5

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:27 am

Nishikori holds serve to end Murray’s streak of three straight games. 5-5

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:24 am

Andy Murray holds to make it 5-4 in the fifth. Herculean task on Nishikori’s serve now to stay alive

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:19 am

From 40-0 up, Nishikori makes five errors in a row to hand Murray the break back. 4-4

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:12 am

Murray holds! He keeps difference to one game, Nishikori up a break to lead 4-3

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:11 am

Brilliant rally! Nishikori with great depth on the backhand to force Murray behind but follows it up a with a poor drop shot. Murray sends one of his own which Nishikori just about gets to and the Briton puts away the easy response from the service line

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:07 am

From 0-30 down, Nishikori claws back to hold and consolidate the break. 4-2 up now

tanujlakhina September 8, 20163:00 am

From 40-15 up, Murray has serve broken. Nishikori with a backhand winner creeping into the line

tanujlakhina September 8, 20162:54 am

Dreadful serving by Nishikori at the worst time and he hands the break back to Murray. 2-2

tanujlakhina September 8, 20162:49 am

And Murray is on the board. Clenches his fist after the hold. Nishikori still with the break to lead 2-1

tanujlakhina September 8, 20162:42 am

It’s going terribly for the 2012 champion Murray. He has serve broken to open the fifth set – his seventh tonight

tanujlakhina September 8, 20162:31 am

Murray shanks his forehand into the net and Nishikori wins the fourth set 6-1. Into the fifth!

tanujlakhina September 8, 20162:29 am

Murray’s backhand sails long and Nishikori reads it well. He leads 5-1 and one game from the fifth

tanujlakhina September 8, 20162:26 am

That Nishikori lob a game back


tanujlakhina September 8, 20162:19 am

Nishikori’s desperate attempt at backhand is misjudged by Murray and it lands in. Murray can’t control the shot and Nishikori holds to go up 4-1

tanujlakhina September 8, 20162:15 am

Murray is clearly letting his head bother his play. Last 10 points, Nishikori 8-2 Murray. And the Japanese has just broken Murray to go up 3-1

tanujlakhina September 8, 20162:08 am

Nishikori saves two break points. Murray is upset after a PA system problem stopped one of them

tanujlakhina September 8, 20162:00 am

Murray wins the third set 6-4 and leads two sets to one

tanujlakhina September 8, 20161:49 am

And Murray punches the air as he breaks Nishikori once again. Three breaks in a row now. 5-4 now

tanujlakhina September 8, 20161:43 am

INCREDIBLE! Once again Nishikori breaks right back to bring parity in the contest. 4-4 in the third

tanujlakhina September 8, 20161:37 am

Nishikori with a double to bring up break point and then sends backhand wide. Murray 4-3 in the third

tanujlakhina September 8, 20161:16 am

Like the second set, two back-to-back breaks open the third set. 1-1

tanujlakhina September 8, 20161:11 am

Pranjala Yadlapalli loses to Alexandra Sanford of USA in girls’ singles second round. Goes down 7-5, 5-7, 2-6

tanujlakhina September 8, 20161:05 am

Second set, Nishikori! Japanese player breaks serve as Murray sends backhand into net. 6-4!

tanujlakhina September 8, 201612:29 am

Finally the roof is being closed. Droplets earlier and now the decision being made

tanujlakhina September 8, 201612:26 am

Nishikori is not going out without a fight. He breaks immediately back to make it 3-3 in the second

tanujlakhina September 8, 201612:22 am

Murray gets the break of serve in the second set. Leads 3-2

tanujlakhina September 8, 201612:17 am

Yadlapalli’s second round girls’ singles contest is into the third. She won first 7-5 and lost second 5-7

tanujlakhina September 8, 201612:04 am

In men’s doubles, top seeds Herbert/Mahut beat Lindstedt/Qureshi 6-3, 7-6

tanujlakhina September 7, 201611:54 pm

Murray sends a 118mph ace out wide for an ace and he’s won the first set 6-1

tanujlakhina September 7, 201611:51 pm

Nishikori hands the double break to Murray with a poor forehand approach shot. 1-5 down now

tanujlakhina September 7, 201611:49 pm

Nishikori saves two break points with help from Murray’s backhand errors. Deuce

tanujlakhina September 7, 201611:36 pm

Murray capitalises on first break point chance. Nishikori can’t control backhand and is broken to go down 1-3

tanujlakhina September 7, 201611:24 pm

Murray with a superb ace down the centre and he holds serve from 0-40 down. 1-0 in first set

tanujlakhina September 7, 201611:22 pm

Nishikori sends his backhand long and that’s another break point saved. Deuce

tanujlakhina September 7, 201611:22 pm

Another one saved with Nishikori sends service return into the net. Another chance

tanujlakhina September 7, 201611:21 pm

Three break points for Nishikori. One saved by Murray with Kei’s forehand going wide

tanujlakhina September 7, 201611:20 pm

Murray and Nishikori are on court and the Briton is serving first.

tanujlakhina September 7, 201611:18 pm

In men’s doubles, Jamie Murray and Bruno Soares beat Guccione/Sa 7-6, 2-6, 6-3

tanujlakhina September 7, 201611:17 pm

Result earlier had CoCo and Hingis make the women’s doubles semis with a comfortable 6-1, 6-2 win

tanujlakhina September 7, 201611:11 pm

There’s some good news on the ATP Tour front

tanujlakhina September 7, 201610:46 pm

Pliskova with back-to-back aces to bulldoze past Konjuh 6-2, 6-2

tanujlakhina September 7, 201610:45 pm

Pliskova absolutely ruthless. She’s serving for the match and a place in the semis at 5-2

tanujlakhina September 7, 201610:37 pm

Pliskova breaks Konjuh and she leads 3-2 in the second set

tanujlakhina September 7, 201610:30 pm

Pliskova has won the first set 6-2 against Konjuh. And is on serve in the second set at 1-2

tanujlakhina September 7, 20169:28 pm

Build Up
US Open 2016: Serena Williams headlines fascinating quarters day

Ana Konjuh was not a year old when Serena Williams played her first U.S. Open match but both will be in the Arthur Ashe Stadium spotlight on Wednesday, with four gripping quarter-finals to take centre stage at the year’s final grand slam.

Even on a card packed with quality and intriguing story-lines, world number one Williams remains the undisputed Flushing Meadows headliner and will take on Romanian fifth seed Simona Halep.

It has been another dominant run to the last eight for 34-year-old Williams, who has not dropped serve or spent more than 68 minutes on court in any of her matches.

After moving to the top of the all-time grand slam match wins list on Monday with her 308th victory sealed against Yaroslava Schvedova, Williams has two further records in her crosshairs.

A seventh U.S. Open title would give the American her 23rd grand slam singles crown and move her past Steffi Graf for the most in the professional era.

At the other end of the spectrum is power-hitting 18-year-old Konjuh, who until this U.S. Open had never ventured beyond the third round of a grand slam.

The 92nd ranked teen booked her quarter-final with an upset of fourth seed Agnieszka Radwanska and will meet 10th seeded Czech Karolina Pliskova as she continues her bid to become just the second woman to win both the U.S. Open junior girls and women’s titles.

On the men’s side, the gold, silver and bronze medallists from the Rio Olympics will battle for more glory at Flushing Meadows.

Second seed Andy Murray, who has enjoyed a dream summer with a second Wimbledon title and a second Olympic gold, would like nothing more than to end the fortnight with a second U.S. Open trophy.

Standing in the Scot’s way is Japanese sixth seed and Olympic bronze winner Kei Nisihikori who has quietly gone about his business while looking for a second appearance in the final in three years.

Argentine Juan Martin del Potro, the 2009 winner, has provided the feel-good story of the tournament.

The Olympic silver medallist, whose career has been interrupted by a series of wrist surgeries and needed a wild card to enter, will have the crowd in his corner when he takes on third seed and twice grand slam champion Stan Wawrinka.