Red Bull Flugtag lands in Bangalore

The Red Bull Flugtag traveled all over the globe before arriving in India.

By: Express News Service | Updated: August 8, 2014 5:36:00 pm

Have you ever though of flying, and that too in your own aircraft, then head to Bangalore which is hosting India’s first Red Bull Flugtag– an event where the participants attempt to fly home made, human-powered fly-machines.

Sanky Tank, Bangalore is going to witness the excitement as 37 teams across the country will fight it out on September 28.

The event, a brainchild of the food and beverage giants, Red Bull, has traveled the length and breadth of globe—Sao Paolo, Sydney,California and even Kuwait — before arriving in India.

The participating teams need to meet the criteria set forth by the organizers, Red Bull, and must consist of four members: three “ground crew” and one “pilot.”

During the competition the amateur flying machines are pushed from a pier located at a certain height,22 feet to be specific, onto a water body or a sea. The team having the longest flights(measured in feet) wins. The pilot will be on board during the flight while his crew will help him achieve the longest projectile.

The competition is not only about on-spot tactics, but a test of creativity too as each team is judged on its creativity besides flight distance and obviously, showmanship.

The longest flight ever achieved is 258 feet, set in California last year.

The game has a certain amount of risk with the aircraft immersed into deep water. So,to minimise the risk there are safety rules. Such as, the pilot must know how to swim, must wear helmet, must not be attached to the aircraft, so that in case of a crisis, he can quickly brought to the safety.

Also, amateur aircraft must undergo an inspection from the team of experts which can ask the respective team to adjust a thing or two.

The exciting event debuted in 1991 and even after two decade, it is going strong expanding its bases in new territories.

With the event now being held in a cosmopolitan tech hub on a Sunday afternoon, the organizers are bound to get success in front of a Bangalore crowd which is known for having fun.

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