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Pro Kabaddi league season 4: U Mumba tie 25-25 against Telugu Titans

Pro Kabaddi season 4: U Mumba draw 25-25 against Telugu Titans.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 21, 2016 10:09 pm
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The second encounter between U Mumba and Telugu Titans would be something to watch out for. Titans are at number two position in the points table while hosts Mumbai are at fourth. Titans have 37 points under their belt while Mumbai have 32 points. Hosts would be looking to climb the ladder with in their own backyard while Telugu Titans would be looking to give some hard time to the hosts. U Mumba tie 25-25 against Telugu Titans

LIVE UPDATES: U Mumba vs Telugu Titans

2147 hrs IST: U Mumba tie 25-25 against Telugu Titans

2146 hrs IST: And the hosts are back in the hunt

2145 hrs IST: Sandeep Narwal making the raid for Telugu Titans

2144 hrs IST: Titans are unstoppable there in Mumbai

2142 hrs IST: One more point to Telugu Titans

2140 hrs IST: Titans leading the right now

2139 hrs IST: Telugu Titans take the lead

2138 hrs IST: Scores are level now

2137 hrs IST: Substitution has been called out by Telugu Titans

2136 hrs IST: And that is All Out and Titans get three points

2135 hrs IST: Super Tackle on and Titans get one point

2134 hrs IST: Titans in double figures

2133 hrs IST: Anup Kumar raiding for U Mumba and that’s any empty raid

2132 hrs IST: Two points for Telugu Titans

2131 hrs IST: A lot of chatter going on but U Mumba are on a rampage

2130 hrs IST: Sandeep Narwal raiding for Telugu Titans

2129 hrs IST: Mumbai 16-7 Titans at half time

2128 hrs IST: It’s unsuccessful

2127 hrs IST: Telugu Titans have reviewed this one

2126 hrs IST: U Mumba are just trying to kill some time

2125 hrs IST: Rakesh has the luxury to pass some time

2124 hrs IST: What a defence and a superb display from U Mumba

2123 hrs IST: Make that lead to 6 points

2122 hrs IST: Two well deserved points and U Mumba are in a lead of 2 points

2121 hrs IST: Do or Die raid for poster boy of PKL 4 and that is one point for U Mumba

2120 hrs IST: Sandeep Narwal in for the raid for Telugu Titans

2119 hrs IST: Do or Die raid from U Mumba and that is one point for Telugu Titans

2118 hrs IST: Do or DIe raid for Telugu Titnas and Mumba equal the scoring

2117 hrs IST: Sandeep Narwal in for his first raid

2116 hrs IST: Less than 10 minutes to go and the first half would be over…

2115 hrs IST: Deficit down to 1

2114 hrs IST: And that is a terrific grab and tackle from U Mumba

2113 hrs IST: SUper Tackle on for U Mumba

2112 hrs IST: Suresu Kumar raiding for U Mumba

2111 hrs IST: Review unsuccessful and Titans lost their review and this is pretty early

2110 hrs IST: But U Mumba have asked for a reviews

2109 hrs IST: Do or Die raid for Rahul Chaudhari

2108 hrs IST: Suresu Kumar back with empty raid

2107 hrs IST: Anup Kumar gets one point for U Mumba

2106 hrs IST: Rakesh Kumar raiding for U Mumba and he gets one point for Home team

2105 hrs IST Sandeep Narwal draws first blood for visitors

2104 hrs IST: Bonus On for U Mumba

2102 hrs IST: Captain is in with the raid… Anup Kumar goes with an empty raid

2101 hrs IST: It’s Anup Kumar vs Sandeep Narwal

2100 hrs IST: SO the teams are out on the mat


Anup Kumar leads from the front as U Mumba beat Puneri Paltan 34-31


Captain Anup Kumar led from the front, in raids as well as tackles, to power U Mumba to an exciting 34-31 victory against state rivals Puneri Paltan in the Pro Kabaddi League.

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  1. S
    shama sheikh
    Jul 28, 2016 at 8:29 pm
    sawal haar ka bahana dhundna nhi he sawal rahul chawdry ke game action ka he jo kafi sensitive he.he is rounty player of match
    1. S
      shama sheikh
      Jul 21, 2016 at 4:40 pm
      Is kabaddi league me refries ki bhumika kafi sandeh janak rahi he khaskar ki telguan ke waqt mostly refries rahul chaudry ke paksh me faisla lete he rahul chaudry ye ek rounty player he unka or sandip narwal inka ground pe behaviour bht kharab hota he
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