Kabaddi World Cup 2016: Bangladesh beat England 52-18

Playing their third Kabaddi World Cup, Bangladesh start their campaign with a 52-18 win over debutant England.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 8, 2016 7:50 pm
kabaddiworldcupteams-m Live Kabaddi score, World Cup 2016: In the first Pool A encounter of the day, England take on Bangladesh.

Bangladesh start their World Cup campaign with a thumping with over first timers England. With combine efforts coming from the raiders and defenders, Bangladesh ended with a 52-18 score.

For Bangladesh, captain Aruduzzaman Munshi and Sabuj Mia scored eight match points each, while Tuhin Tarafder scored six points.

Meanwhile, foe England, Tope Adewalure was the top scorer with eight match points. Seven of his points came from successful raids. Captain Someshwar Kalia was given the first yellow card of the

Captain Someshwar Kalia was given the first yellow card of the tournament, after he slapped Bangladesh raider.

Bangladesh next play India on Tuesday at 21:00 hrs IST on October 11.

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Bangladesh’s Ferdous Sheikh with a diving ankle hold sends England’s captain Someshwar Kalia out.

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With over two minutes left in the game, Nikesh is given a yellow card for slapping Bangladesh’s raider.

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Back to back empty raids for both the teams. With just three minutes left, Bangladesh edging close to 50 match points.

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Substitution in for England, Pavan Davie comes replaces Akash Sood
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Super Tackle opportunity for England but Joshua manages to get a finger touch of England’s left corner defender. Bangladesh closing for second All-Out of the game.

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Bonus on for England’s Keshav Gupta. Keshav looking to cross the red line but is stopped by Bangladesh defenders.

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Jahangir Alam with an unsuccessful raid gives England a point. Followed by the same result from England’s Tope Adewalure

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Bonus point for Zakir Hossain, and he returns earning one point as England defenders go for a ankle hold and Hossain escapes it comfortably

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Bangladesh’s playing seven: Ziaur Rahman, Tuhin Tarafder, Zakir Hosaain, Aruduzzaman Munshi, S.M. AL Mamun, Sabuj Mia, Ferdous Sheikh

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Four points for Bangladesh, as the men in green get the first All-Out of the match.Bangladesh lead 31-11 against England

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Do-or-Die raid for England but fails to return back as Bangladesh defenders push the raider out of the court.

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Bangladesh’s Sulieman Kabir happy to return empty ended. England players went deep inside to trap Kabir but Kabir was smart enough.
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Topee Adewalure with a top touch earns England its first point in the second half.Reduce the lead to 14.

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Super Raid for Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s no. 2 earns three points for the men in green.

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England Squad: Joshua Enson, Nikesh Farmah, Meredydd Rix, Keshav Gupta, Someshwar Kalia, Milan Nayee, Topee Adewalure, Akash Sood, Philip Mottram, Pavan Davies, mason Dhani-Ali, Yuvraj Pandeya